Organic Wedding Flower Inspiration

We’re huge flower lovers here at Once Wed, and so we’re thrilled to share today’s feature from one of the nation’s top designers, Rosegolden Flowers. She’s sharing her top ideas for taking an organic, white and green color palette and dressing it up with different accents.

From Rosegolden Flowers:

“When it comes to wedding flowers, choosing a color palette is a very important step. White and green has been a favorite for many brides for quite some time and for good reason. It feels very natural and organic, elegant and understated. As a florist, the more I’ve worked with white and green, the more curious I’ve become about ways to add interest to this highly popular combination of colors. I thought a bouquet study would be a wonderful way to explore how to enhance a white and green palette by adding an unexpected twist or two.

White and green is very flexible and looks lovely with a touch of so many colors. Last year, mixing it with bits of blush was very popular. I think this year I think we will start to see it combined with hints of yellow and deep burgundy.

For my white components I chose sweet peas, ranunculus, lilac and green centered anemones. For my green tones I chose scented geranium leaves, seeded pieris and dusty miller. I wanted the yellow moments to be soft and incandescent rather than sunny and bright so I went with a caramel antique garden rose and a garden spray rose in the same tonal family. I also love the subtle yellow of camel and combo roses as an alternative. I thought bits of burgundy would add depth and mystery to the palette so I used a few black ranunculus and a touch of agonis. I would also recommend chocolate cosmos, ninebark and continus.

I kept the bouquet wide and loose to and used predominantly white and green ingredients to establish its shape. I incorporated the accents of yellow and burgundy sparingly and strategically – waiting to add them until I was almost finished. I think adding that last bit of interest makes quite a statement, catches your eye, and makes the white and green come alive in a uniquely beautiful way.”

Photographer: Holly Carlisle | Floral Design: Rosegolden Flowers | Styling: Kaela Rawson | Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic