Organic Mountaintop Wedding Inspiration

The stunning images in this inspiration shoot from Joey Kennedy transport us to the amazing mountains in Utah. With elegantly curated details, all keeping a similar organic, un-done aesthetic, this mountaintop wedding reminds us of the breathtaking inspiration that comes from nature itself. While not every view is as remarkable as this, we encourage you to look to the world around you when planning your wedding.

Read on for more from the photographer, Joey Kennedy:
“Searching for a unique location for a romantic ceremony and creating a cohesive look with that landscape was the motivation for this organic mountaintop inspiration.  I reached out to Amber for help in creating a raw, un-polished look in the beautiful mountains of Utah.  Its very romantic to go off the grid and let nature act as your cathedral.”

From the designer, Amber Reverie:
“As soon as we found this particular spot atop one of my favorite canyons, it felt like the perfect place to exchange intimate vows. The whole setting had the awe-inspiring grandeur of a gothic cathedral, but without the formality. Mountain peaks and tall pines surrounded us like towering spires, and warm sunlight filtered and twinkled through the trees like stained glass. We kept this enchanting natural elegance throughout the design, choosing only a few simple details to enhance, not overwhelm the scene. To frame the ceremony spot, I made a natural arch from bowed branches, interwoven with foraged vines and leaves. Our bride was styled with undone elegance. She walked barefoot through the scene wearing beautifully simple vintage gowns from Gossamer, and carrying a wild bouquet wrapped in raw silk. The foraged flowers, berries and foliages I selected for their interesting textures, slight color variations and spots or signs of age from a long, hot summer. A neutral, tonal palette tied everything together and mimicked the natural environment with its dark stone and subdued gold grasses. Joey’s film captured the soft details and luminous glow magically.”

Photography: Joey Kennedy  | Design and Flowers: Amber Reverie | Gowns: Gossamer | Model: Monica Hobbs | Ribbon and Fabric: Silk & Willow | Film Scans: Richard Photo Lab | Location: Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah