One Stunning Dress. Three Beautiful Brides.

This story is what is all about.  It is about one stunning wedding dress being a part of 3 beautiful weddings. Its about 3 modern brides knowing that a wedding dress is better shared, then stored in a closet for 20 years. And it is about 3 savvy women wearing a designer wedding dress at a fraction of the cost.

Meet Sarah, Kate and Grace.

Why Sarah loved this dress:
The Pronovias Estefania gown was my dream dress from the minute I saw it in the boutique. I fell in love with it but it cost more than twice of what I had in budget. So I went ahead and tried a lot more dresses to try to find another one that would fit me as great! But this didn’t happen. So I decided to buy it with the condition that I would later on sell it. That way I would spend what I had initially planned to spend on my wedding dress.  Thanks to I was able to do just that…plus I helped another bride find her perfect dress!

Sarah passes it to Kate
Back then, making the decision to sell the dress was easy because after all, I was not planning on getting married ever again! Letting go of the dress on the day I went to ship it to California to the other bride I sold it to, was the hard part. I did drop a few tears I must admit! Thank God I retained the veil! I say I want to keep it for my daughter if I have one!

Why Kate loved this dress:
I had looked online, magazines, stores at hundreds –probably thousands—of dresses. There were a few here and there I liked, but nothing really caught my eye until I saw the posting on for the Estefania Pronovias gown. I loved it at first glance, and then I kept coming back to the posting, and as Sarah sent me more photos of it, I fell in love with it even more.  I thought it fit my personality and the way I dress – to me it has a special, one-of-a-kind couture look, without looking too ‘high fashion’. I think that is a hard balance to achieve, and I think this dress does just that. I felt absolutely wonderful in the dress – I paired it with my mom’s vintage veil, and was able to move and dance comfortably all night.

Kate passes it to Grace
The girl who purchased the dress from me, Grace, came to San Francisco to try the dress on – it was perfect for her, and she took it home to Seattle — in its own airplane seat. She knew it was bittersweet for me to let it go, and emailed me later to say “If you ever need it back or want to pay it a visit let me know.” So thoughtful of her; I can’t wait to see pictures of her enjoying the dress –once more- for her big day!

What they think now:
Sarah: It makes me extremely happy to know that a third bride will be using this dress. Best of luck to the bride that will be wearing it soon! She will look stunning!

Kate: Who knows, maybe Sarah and I will take Grace up on her offer and all meet up one day…It does feel a little like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants kind of story!