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Loving these sweet images from our sponsor, Once Like a Spark Photography…With a talented team that spans from coast to coast, this group of visual storytellers are a unique brand in the world of wedding photography. Their approach has always been, “do what you love, and make sure you’re really amazing at it.” I love that.

We consider ourselves storytellers. But not the kind of story you’d find every day. It’s the kind of story that perhaps Alice found when she fell down the rabbit hole and looked onto a world where things were magical and whimsical and new: where colors dictated the feeling, and stories were told by emotion and feeling. Made up of some of the most unique, artistic photographers and swashbucklers around, we were founded on the idea that wedding photos were meant to tell a story: the story of you and of a new chapter unfolding through your own looking-glass. Our “believer-of-all-things-possible” team is ready to help you create images from your own beautiful, unfolding tale, and we cant wait to meet you.


No matter where you live, Once Like a Spark will pair you up with one of their amazing artists to photograph your special day. Make sure you check out their beautiful site and blog to see more of their work.