Nicole + Sean | Ines Di Santo Real wedding From Joel and Justyna Photography

Ines Di Santo Madrid

This pretty cottage country wedding makes perfect use of the beautiful venue.  It started with a romantic first look in the woods, then vows overlooking the stunning lake followed by a glamorous and super fun reception in the ballroom.  It was such a charming and idyllic weekend, all of the wedding guest will undoubtedly remember it for a long time!

Nicole + Sean | July 31, 2016 | Muskoka, Ontario

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The Ceremony
We love to travel, so there was no surprise that our wedding took place at the scenic and picturesque grounds of Deerhurst Resort in Muskoka, Ontario. We welcomed our family and friends to their ceremony with a romantic and rose embellished Chuppah and stunning lakeside views.

As the ceremony commenced, we paddled away on our “just married” canoe.

Following the ceremony, guests were transported by shuttle to the terrace and were invited to enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

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The Reception
When guests entered the ballroom doors they were dazzled by the tall and low tablescapes. Shades of Ivory, cream and blush with pops of pinks and cascading greens against a white canvas, of white linens, vessels and lounge furniture.The spectacular head table was embellished with all low arrangements, vignettes of sparkling and luminous candlelight, against a white drape backdrop, creating a secret garden feel.

The highlight of the room was the 4 custom bars surrounding the perimeter of the dance floor, each with a specialty liquor and cocktail for guests to enjoy.  Guests danced the night away on the over-sized dance floor and enjoyed late night custom cookies by The Red Door.

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Nicole’s Wedding Dress Search
Before saying Yes to my perfect dress, I went to 11 stores and tried on almost 100 dresses. Funny enough, this dress was pinned to my “Perfect Wedding” Pinterest page months before we got engaged and it was the first dress I tried on at Ines Di Santo the week we got engaged.

Photo 2017-02-27, 2 18 07 AM Photo 2017-01-01, 5 11 38 PM (5)Photo 2017-01-01, 5 11 38 PM (6)

How She Felt In Her Ines Di Santo Gown
Romantic, beautiful, free

Photo 2017-01-01, 5 11 34 PM (11) Photo 2017-01-01, 5 11 34 PM (3)

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Gown
To share the amazing experience of wearing this perfect dress
Photo 2017-01-01, 5 11 37 PM (2)Photo 2017-02-27, 1 53 20 AM Photo 2017-02-27, 2 17 16 AM

Wedding Dress: Ines Di Santo Madrid | Photography: Joel and Justyna Photography | Event Planning: Alex Teperman Events | Floral Design: Fuscia Designs | Venue + Catering: Deerhurst Resort