Natural Fall Engagement Photos in the Catskills

In our line of work, our team has the pleasure of viewing many photos of couples in love. It’s an incredible thing to see on a daily basis, and today, we’re thrilled to share with you Rose and Jarett’s natural fall engagement photos in the Catskills from Erich McVey. As seems to be Erich’s calling card, this photo session was kept simple: a happy couple, a beautiful location in nature, and dreamy lighting. We love that the photography helps to tell the story of the couple, placing them in a certain time and location: scenic shots tell us where they are and what time of year it was when the photos were taken, and varied depths of field give us images of Rose and Jarett individually and together, in both more posed positions and completely natural ones. In the end, the couple could chose literally any of these images to frame for their newlywed home, and each would tell their story in a beautiful, artistic way.

Photography: Erich McVey | Blue & White Dress: Anthropologie | White Jumper: Aritzia | White Dress: Stone Cold Fox | Leather Jacket: Custom-made for Rose by Jarrett on a trip to China, at the South Bund Fabric Market in Shanghai!