One Dress. Two Brides. 17,000 Miles (And Counting).

In the book “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” a pair of jeans journeys around the world, creating special memories for best friends.

This story is the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Gown.” In this version, a beautiful Monique Lhuillier dress has been circumnavigating the globe, creating connections as it brings joy to brides on their wedding days.

The first lucky wearer of the dress was Millicent, a bride from Sierra Leone. She found the dress by accident (when she ran a Google search of her name) and found Monique Lhuillier’s “Millicent.” As she surveyed more Monique Lhuillier dresses, she happened upon “Scarlet” (an updated version of “Millicent”) and it was love at first sight.

Millicent was thrilled to find a seller on offering “Scarlet” in her size.  The seller shipped the gown from Burlingame, California, nearly 7,000 miles to Africa.

Millicent was married on Dec. 23, 2010.  She looked and felt amazing in the dress.

After her big day, Millicent decided to sell the gown, but wanted to be sure it went to someone who loved it as much as she did.  She returned to and found Belinda — 10,000 miles away in Australia.

When they spoke by phone, Millicent knew Belinda was the perfect choice.  She lovingly packaged the dress for shipping across another ocean, so that even opening the dress box would be special.

Belinda was married in the Scarlet dress in Summer 2012. And like Millicent, she looked beautiful in it.

Belinda’s now thinking of selling the dress and also wants it to go to a bride who loves and appreciates it as much as she did.

If she does sell, I wonder where it will go next and how many miles, brides and happy marriages this stunning gown will weave together.