Minimal Bridal Portrait Session

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield |
© 2013 | Haley Sheffield |

If you’re planning a wedding, chances are you’ve felt inundated at some point or another to do or have EVERYTHING. The perfect escort cards on a beautifully designed table? An elaborately detailed chuppah? Signature drinks and tons of appetizers during cocktail hour? Thoughtful favors? Today, we want to encourage you to let these things pass right over you, and simply focus on the things that are important to you. This chic, minimal bridal session shows just that. Read on for some excellent advice from the photographer!

From the photographer, Haley Sheffield:
“With the wedding industry at an all-time high in popularity, there are endless trends constantly running through the “inspiration stream.” There has never been a better time to find ideas for your decor, hairstyle, bridesmaids dresses, etc. But strip all of that away, and the most meaningful photos you will walk away with as a bride are those that show the unparalleled emotions of that day.

For this shoot, I decided I wanted to showcase just that. Just a bride in a simple-cut gown (a glittering one, at that), with a simple hairstyle, at a lovely location–and a photographer with the agenda of capturing emotion in its barest moments. Laughter. Joy. Anticipation. It’s these beautiful, honest feelings that make art what it is intended to be–a connection to the human spirit.

Walking away from this shoot, I feel that the images carry a sense of nostalgia with them. Stripped of the excess of the day, most viewers can identify with the subject herself and connect with the emotion, the movement and the raw expression the bride emits. And it’s feelings like these that I hope inspire brides to be 100% themselves on their wedding day. To embrace their beauty and the full gamete of emotions that the special day brings.”

Photographer: Haley Sheffield | Model: Jade McDaniel for Wilhelmina Models | Dress: Adrianna Papell | Location: Private Estate in Macon, GA |  Hair & Makeup: Jade McDaniel