Milk + Honey Table

gold wedding

gold wedding

I am so excited about today’s table-scape feature on Once Wed. Paige of Bash Eco Events and Kelly of Yes Please Design are two of the coolest and most innovative ladies I’ve been fortunate to come across in the blogging world, so I’m absolutely thrilled they both will be joining us twice a month with a brand new project based on a famous couple starting today. More from Kelly…

John and Yoko met at an art opening in London in 1966 where Yoko’s piece “Hammer A Nail” was on display.  Yoko refused to let John hammer in a nail because the show wasn’t officially opening till the next day. They began their love affair quickly after their meeting and were married in 1969. Their romance spawned numerous love songs, and they became famous for their peace activism, including their public love-in. One of their more eccentric albums together was titled “Milk + Honey”. Our color palette is a directly influenced by a “peaceful milk + honey” serenity mixed with artistic urbanity.  John and Yoko epitomized the ideal abundant life of love, music, art, community, and progressive sophistication which plays into the textures and ideas behind this wedding shoot. Our bride is looking for an eclectic, yet sophisticated take on artistic ingenuity and proper individuality when showcasing her wedding style.

gold wedding table

Photography by Bonnie Tsang

So many more ideas and images coming up next!