Marya + Charles | Fiore Couture Real Wedding From Henry Chen

This California wedding was made extra special by the participation of the couple’s two young sons. Adorably bearing wedding signs at the ceremony and later covering their eyes when their parents kissed, they brought the charm of family and children to this pretty wedding. You can feel the family happiness everywhere at this event – making the celebration even sweeter.

Marya + Charles | July 9, 2016 | Laguna Beach, California

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The Ceremony
It was small and intimate, beachy and romantic. Ou officiant was funny (he is a comedian also by trade as well as an Officiant on the side).  He cracked jokes about this is the “last time Charles will ever be right again”.  And how we have to repeat after him to “vow to immediately update our Facebook status”.  Our ceremony was lighthearted and family oriented as well since our two young sons were in it. 

2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_00312016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_02502016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_02542016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_02562016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_02572016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_02622016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0268 2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_02752016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_02892016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_02922016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_03182016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_03232016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_03432016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0374 - Copy 2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_03552016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0390

The Reception
It was lively and fun, lots of dancing, the kids were stripping haha (my kids love to run around without their clothes on at home so they ended up stripping down to their skivvies it was so hot!)

2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_00892016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_04832016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_04722016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_04982016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0502   2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_05192016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_06012016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0636 2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_06432016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_06462016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0647 2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_06502016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_06542016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_06692016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_06042016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0615

Marya’s Dress Search
I tried on maybe 20 dresses. I ended up with  a custom dress I combined what I liked from a couple different dresses from the same designer (Fiore Couture).  I picked the top half of one dress but the bottom half of the other.  I loved the intricate elaborate beading of the one, but the soft, flowy, swirly-ness of the bottom of the other (it looked like frosting).  Especially when it moves.

2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0163 2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0166

How She Felt In Her Fiore Couture Gown
Amazing!  Beautiful!  Show-stopping!

2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0429 2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0527 - Copy

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I’m done having kids (and I have 2 boys) so didn’t feel there was anyone to pass it along to.


Wedding Dress: Fiore Couture | Photography: Henry Chen, Aevitas Weddings | Venue: Seven4One | Floral Design: 1-800-ROSE BIG | Cake:  Sweet Traders