Marie + Frank | Ines Di Santo Wedding from Photo Pink

Queue Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’…Today’s featured Halloween-Gothic themed wedding, ‘Till Death Do Us Part’, is out of this world! Contortionists, tarot card readings, stilt walkers, dry ice, skeleton votives, candy apples, the most decadent array of sweets and there at the heart of this Hallo-Wedding, Marie + Frank as the princess and prince of Hallow’s Eve. WOW.  Don’t miss the impressive full costume performances from Rocky Horror Picture Show and Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ (so iconic and totally epic).  And what better opportunity to wear a Cinderella style dress and make it her own…Marie’s Ines Di Santo ball gown is custom made with corseted back and sides, layered kick in the front with feather detailing and a gorgeous cathedral train.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Marie + Frank | October 27th, 2012 | Angel Oren Sanz, Manhattan NY | Dress Listing: Ines Di Santo ‘Custom’

The Ceremony
Stilt walkers greeted guest with apple cider and coffin programs. Contortionists entertained guest prior to ceremony. Candelabras lined the aisle with a spiderweb lit floor with a beautiful cathedral window for a backdrop. Walked down the aisle to Edward scissor hands ice dance. 1000’s of red rose petals covered the floor at the alter. Tulle covered the chairs along with their favorite flower in memory of our grandparents.

The Reception
Halloween/Gothic: ‘Til death do us part.’  We had tarot readers for cocktail hour along with skull monogrammed pillows. Signature drinks were absinthe, Vampire’s kiss. We had a performances of Thriller, Rocky Horror (sweet transvestite and time warp). Our cake was black with crows and roses. Tables were set up in black and gold with over 10,000 red roses throughout. Skull napkin rings were made custom for guest to take home. We gave out skull head vodka for favors. We had a candy bar at the end of the evening with jelly apples, skull cookies, Halloween soda, wax fangs and a large assortment of Halloween candy. Fast flats and mints were offered in the bathroom. Along with personalized napkins. Dance floor was always packed. It was an amazing time.

Marie’s Dress Search
Ultimately I wanted a black wedding dress but my husband refused. Therefore I wanted a more vintage style that went with my theme. Initially I looked at a St Pucci but ended up with the Ines.

How Marie Felt in Her Wedding Dress
Poofy Pumpkin Princess!

Why Marie Decided to Sell Her Wedding Dress
I don’t see a point keeping it when it will just sit and collect dust. When someone else can enjoy it.

Wedding Dress:  Ines Di Santo ‘Custom’ | Photography: Photo Pink | Ceremony + Reception Venue: Angel Oren Sanz | Event Planning: Marie Viquez, today’s featured bride: | Floral Design: Designs by Rose  | Cake: Colettes Cakes

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  1. I saw this wedding on ” four weddings” all I have to say was this beat the hell out of the other three! Beautiful elegant and entertaining! Dress venue etc simply stunning! I hope you and yours still went on an amazing honeymoon!

  2. I just saw this on Four Weddings – amazing affair, bitchy bride. As much as I love weddings, I can’t imagine spending $160,000 on one day.

  3. This gown looks overdesigned, like it was unable to be altered to fit the bride. Too bad to spend so much on a gown and have back at and sideflop boob on your wedding day. The skirt looks like it was made from an old comforter. The bride looks unhappy in most of these pictures and I think I understand why.

  4. I love the look of this wedding but it was marred by the attitude of the bride, who looked more angry than happy during her wedding day. I remember it was on an episode of “Four Weddings” and she came in last. She was pissed! But the attention to detail was spot on (and expensive, I’m sure) – it must have been fun to be a guest.

  5. Beautiful gown. Looks like you had an amazing wedding. The attention to every detail, and focus on creating a wonderful experience for your guests is outstanding. You should be an event planner! Great job. And you look stunning in the gown.

  6. I enjoy the show this episode was great Marie was Marie and it was fun to watch. I just hope they go back to the old format I like the other seasons but the new ones with friends 2018 I don’t like it at all

  7. Nasty bride. Terrible attitude. Lack of class. And ugly, ill fitting gown. I saw the show and she was disgusting. I never ever in my life saw someone so nasty. You can see she is mean to the very core and angry. I bet she has no friends. She should have been on Bridezillas.

  8. Just saw this episode. Didn’t care for her wedding, but that was her choice. She shouldn’t be criticized for that. But her attitude throughout the whole show. Not to mention, a sore loser. I hope she finally got over it. It’s not that serious.

  9. Just saw this episode. Didn’t care for her wedding, but that was her choice. She shouldn’t be criticized for that. But her attitude the whole show. Not to mention, a sore loser. I hope she finally got over it. It’s not that serious.

  10. Watching 4 weddings she was very very negative about the other 3 brides.. because of her attitude I did not even watch we wedding

  11. I am so tired of everyone criticizing someone they don’t know! I was edited quite a bit first and foremost. The one thing I have to say was I had an amazing wedding. But the whole thing has been shadowed by the memory of being on Four Weddings only to be ripped apart by people who DON’T know me. Thank you for all the horrendous comments throughout the years. Because of ignorant people like you I ended up suffering a 6 year depression. Please actually take the time and realize before you judge someone you DON’T know what the consequences of your actions and words will do to a person you’ve never met!

  12. I have been binge watching 4 weddings and I could not believe they spent so much money on this wedding!! I do admire the details and that it wasn’t your typical cookie-cutter wedding, but you could tell the bride wasn’t happy. But seriously, for $160k, you could quit your job and travel the world for a few years or more. I’m sorry to hear the bride went into a 6 year depression after this show, but I would imagine that depression came from a deeper-rooted issue. I hope she is doing better!

  13. Look at that- Marie Viquez coming back to play the victim. I’m sorry sweetheart, but the show didn’t edit you to say the nasty things you said about going ballistic like you usually do if you didn’t win and saying the whole thing was crap. You said those things among others. That was not an edit.

  14. I loved the Halloween/Gothic theme and the location which I believe is an old synagogue.
    I am sorry you ended up depressed. It must have been amazing to have been a guest at your wedding. You obviously put a lot of work into it and it looks like you put in great effort to pull everything together. The tiny details were truly well thought out and charming & I loved the colors.
    I am sure your only regret is being on the show. People are very cruel behind their computer screens. I hope you have a happy marriage.

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