Marge Simpson on a Wedding Cake?

Yes, it’s true. Kate Debus of created this cake especially for a bride who wanted a topsy turvy cake with Homer and Marge standing on top. (And no, the wedding was not held in Springfield).

Simpsons Wedding Cake

Custom and unique cakes are something that Kate does best.  She created this suitcase cake for a bride she never actually met in person.  They discussed the concept via email (the bride wanted something to reflect her and her husband’s personalities) and through their collaboration, they arrived at this design.

Suitcase wedding cake

With all of this talent, it is hard to believe Kate a self-taught pastry chef.  She started out studying English, but her passion for baking led her to cake creation. With a special interest in fondant and pastiage artistry, she is committed to ensuring each cake she creates becomes the focal point of the celebration.

So if you are looking for something totally different from any other bride, (or even if you just want a lovely traditional wedding cake), and you live the Chicagoland area, contact Kate and see what she can do for you.

Present Wedding Cake Wedding Cake