Luxury Jewelry for Life’s Most Beautiful Moments

Wearing or gifting jewelry to commemorate the special moments in your life is fairly common, and the jewelry pieces you chose should be as meaningful to you as the moments and memories they are meant to represent. Simon G. understands the importance of creating quality, luxury jewelry, which will serve as an everlasting reminder of those significant life events.

There are small stretches of time in our lives when everything changes, when the world around us shifts; at Simon G., they want to help you capture those moments. A photograph only tells part of the story – paper fades, film gets erased. Even memory begins to alter with time. The family of jewelry designers at Simon G. aim to distill that perfect moment into something you and your family can hold on to forever.

Known worldwide for its sophisticated design, inspired individuality, and ceaseless passion for detail, Simon G. creates fine luxury jewelry from diamonds and precious metals. From an engagement ring to a birthday gift, a graduation present or a symbol of your big anniversary, their pieces move through your life and remind you of the most important moments of your lives, with the timelessness of true beauty and an artistry uncompromised.