Lush and Natural Wedding Inspiration

Taking inspiration from nature is one of the best ways to create a cohesive design, whether you’re looking at a wedding design or beautiful room. The creative team behind this lush, natural wedding inspiration (full of Once Wed Preferred Vendors, we might add!) looked to the Pacific Northwest, borrowing their palette from the forest, ocean, and sky and adding in natural stone and wood accents to ground the look. We hope this brings you beautiful ideas for your wedding!

More from the designer, Once Wed Preferred Vendor September Letters:

“Living in the Pacific Northwest, there are so many pockets of raw beauty. We were inspired by the deep colors, overgrown foliage and pale light – the organic simplicity of the coast. With that in mind, our vision was to create something that felt both effortless and lush.

The concept started with a color palette inspired by the forest, sea and sky; we loved the richness of deep greens and blues, paired with soft, hazy shades of white. The lighting was also such an important element from the beginning; the coast is known for showers and overcast skies, so we wanted to embrace the shadows that creates.

We chose natural stone and wood surfaces, untamed greenery and hand-torn, gently dyed ribbon. The table was set with antiques and heirlooms, with mismatched place settings using a variety of place cards, menus, and flatware. The antique paper came from my grandmother’s collection, so it was another important part of creating a rich, natural, time-worn quality.”

Photography: Gucio Photography | Paper and Calligraphy: September Letters | Styling and Direction: September Letters | Floral Design: Celsia Floral | Handmade Ribbon: Stella Wolfe | Rentals: Spread Love EventsThe Cross Decor and Design