Louise + Huw | Karen Willis Holmes Real Wedding From Nick Ray Photography

Karen Willis Holmes | Real Wedding

First tempted to host a beach wedding in Sydney where they live, Louise and Huw decided instead to host a proper English wedding in their native UK to celebrate with all of their family and friends.   Their wedding day was a beautiful sunny and filled with joy and warmth.  And Louise’s last minute choice of a Karen Willis Holmes wedding dress fit the event and her personal style perfectly. 


The Ceremony
The ceremony was held in St Andrews church in my parents parish in Meonstoke. Father Tony gave the ceremony, he was new to the parish and so our wedding was his first in the area so think he was as nervous as we were which helped calm my nerves one I reached the alter. He gave a really beautiful service. We also had Huw’s sisters and a couple of friends singing the welsh song ‘Calon lan’ which nearly had the whole congregation in tears! 


The Reception
Following the church we arrived back at Hill Place which we had hired for the weekend. A beautiful grade II listed Georgian country villa located near the village of Swanmore in Hampshire. It’s a private home you can hire for the weekend with 5 bedrooms for use to put up guests. It is set in beautiful grounds with views across to the Isle of wight.

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Louise’s Wedding Dress Search
I had really struggled finding something that suited my style. I knew I like the idea of a skirt and top and something quite simple but found nothing I was completely happy with.  I started getting a bespoke one made by a dressmaker but about 3 weeks before the wedding realised the dress wasn’t turning out the way I wanted so in panic I make appointments at bridal shops in my lunch breaks from work to try and find something I felt good about. I had been to KWH before and tried a few but thought I’d see if there was any I’d missed. First one I tried was the Mabel and fell in love with it straight away! It looked so simple on the hanger but one on I knew it was just for me. I ordered it straight away and somehow they had it in stock and were able to alter it slightly for me in just over a week! 


How She Felt In Her Karen Willis Holmes Wedding Dress
Myself, elegant, beautiful


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I’d be much happier with someone else enjoying it as much as i did than it sitting in a wardrobe for the rest of its life


Wedding Dress: Karen Willis HolmesPhotography: Nick Ray Photography | Ceremony:  St Andrews Church Meonstoke | Reception:  Hill Place, Swanmore | Floral Design: Louise Avery Flowers | Catering: Small Piece Catering | Cake Sourced from Bath cheese Company assembled and decorated by Small Piece Catering