Lipstick Stains | Wedding Dress Emergencies (And How To Deal With Them)

lipstick stains on your wedding dress

Imagine you’re 20 minutes from the start of your wedding and as you slip your dress on, you accidentally get lipstick on it.  Being prepared can be the difference between calm and panic.

lipstick stains on your wedding dress

Your first step, advises Sally Conant from the Association of Wedding Dress Specialists is do not rub.  Rubbing the stain will only drive it further into the delicate fabric of your gown.  Instead, use a knife or other hard edge surface to scrape some of it off.  Then grab a white towel and blot as much as the remaining stain as possible.

If your gown is silk.  Stop there.  Using water, detergent or any other solvent will likely leave a ring and make a new stain that is worse than before. Instead, mask the stain with baby powder or cornstarch.  Chances are your guests won’t notice a thing.

If your gown isn’t silk and you are determined to try and remove the stain, always test first on an inside seam to be sure you won’t pull the color or damage the fabric in any way.

Sally recommends choosing a dryside (not water-based) solvent that will dissolve grease. Janie Stick Spot remover, Tide Sticks or even baby wipes are all options. You’ll want to put put a towel or absorbent cloth behind the stain, saturate another with the solvent, and dab gently. Remember, never rub! If you do, you can rub away the fabric finish leaving you with a dull spot that can’t ever be repaired.

After your wedding is over, you’ll want to have your dress cleaned by a specialist who is an expert in wedding gown care.  We love the Association of Wedding Gown specialists and know first hand about their superior level of care and expertise.  The Association has over 500 members locations available worldwide and courier service if there isn’t a member near you. (Find your closest location here).

To celebrate the start of wedding season, the Association is offering users a $35 discount toward wedding dress care (alterations, pressing, cleaning and preservation).  You can request your coupon here.  There’s no better way to care for your dress than by using an industry recommended expert. And after all, doesn’t your beloved dress deserve it?