Lindsay + Charles | WToo Real Wedding From Dylan John Western

Casual. Fun. Perfect. That’s how we’d describe Lindsay and Charles wedding held at Charles’ parent’s home. We love the fun Mexican theme, the welcoming vibe and, of course, Lindsay’s beautiful WToo gown.  Lindsay bought the dress the same day she tried it on. (Because, when you know, you know!)

Lindsay + Charles  | August 20, 2016 | Los Altos, California

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The Ceremony
The ceremony blended right into the reception, offering guests plenty of time to relax with their drinks and enjoy the atmosphere. Upon arrival, guests were greeted with a custom-etched champagne glass with a refreshing spritzer. The aisle was very un-traditional–we used the natural structure of the backyard, which was a beautiful pathway weaving through the garden and ending at a fountain, where the ceremony took place. Our good friend officiated the wedding–everything was very personal.


The Reception
The tables were decorated in vibrant pinks, greens, yellows, and oranges, playing with the casual yet stylish California wedding style. Guests were able to take polaroid photos for a wedding album in a makeshift “photo booth”, including fun props that everyone enjoyed. An open bar included margaritas, mojitos, beer, and wine, and food included delicious tacos by Tacolocious, a popular Mexican restaurant in the Bay Area. We had two bands perform for the first dance and a series of other songs (my husband is a musician), followed by a DJ and some open mic performances. The best part? No curfew, as it was at my in-laws’ house, so the vibe was very relaxed and enjoyable. We danced until the cops came at 2 am (seriously!)

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Lindsey’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on about 5-6 dresses but bought this one the first day, at the first location! I loved the romantic and feminine feeling, with a little bit of bohemian flair. It felt modern but not too trendy. Just my style.

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How She Felt In Her Wtoo Gown
Romantic, elegant, comfortable


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I just don’t have a use for it anymore, and I’d love to see someone else enjoy it as much as I did!



Wedding Dress: Wtoo Marnie |  Photography: Dylan John Western  Venue: Private Residence |  Event Planning: Soul & Oak |  Cake: Churros from Tacolicious!