Joey + Lana

diy jamaican wedding ideas

Joey and Lana were the winners of our large giveaway with Jen Curtis a few months back, so when Jen told me she was sending over the wedding last week I couldn’t wait to feature it here on Once Wed. Lana and Joey went all out with the details crafting everything from the centerpieces to the boutonnieres(it took eight suitcases to get everything down there), and Jen of course did an incredible job of photographing the whole event. Lana was generous enough to send over some details to accompany the feature today…

Our wedding was about us and our love, of course, but it was more a tribute to those we love and an opportunity to meld everyone together and enjoy that for the first time. We selected a place which we referred to as “The Village” (also know an Tensing Pen to everyone else), which felt like a community and not a generic resort because we wanted extended time with everyone. The environment was very tropical. Bright blue ocean with the bright blue sky and lush greens everyplace you looked. We felt like adding color to this would get a bit messy, so we kept everything very light.






Lana created packets of multi-colored feathers for guests to throw at them as they walked down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife.


My husband wore a white suit with light pink stitching and I had a very washed out pink and off white dress. We kept everything off white, pink and green with brown accents so pink was the only color to really pop. I had to have pink balloons too!

Photography by Jen Curtis

Stay tuned for Part II up next!