Jennifer + Neel | Christos Costarellos Real Wedding From Maloman Studios

Jennifer + Neel | October 9, 2015 | Boca Raton, Florida

The elegant setting.  The lush florals.  The amazing dress. There are so many pretty pieces to this Florida wedding it is hard to pick a favorite.  But what really rises above, every time we look at these photos, is the radiant bride and groom, so brilliantly happy celebrating their Big Day.  We just love that.

JenniferNeelWedding_0059  Christos Costarellos Real Wedding | Maloman StudiosJenniferNeelWedding_0034JenniferNeelWedding_0093 JenniferNeelWedding_0099 JenniferNeelWedding_0100  JenniferNeelWedding_0105  JenniferNeelWedding_0118JenniferNeelWedding_0114  JenniferNeelWedding_0119 JenniferNeelWedding_0121 JenniferNeelWedding_0141 JenniferNeelWedding_0142JenniferNeelWedding_0178 JenniferNeelWedding_0186 JenniferNeelWedding_0190 JenniferNeelWedding_0196JenniferNeelWedding_0213 JenniferNeelWedding_0247 JenniferNeelWedding_0249 JenniferNeelWedding_0251 JenniferNeelWedding_0280 JenniferNeelWedding_0298  JenniferNeelWedding_0318JenniferNeelWedding_0316  JenniferNeelWedding_0320 JenniferNeelWedding_0321 JenniferNeelWedding_0322 JenniferNeelWedding_0323JenniferNeelWedding_0329JenniferNeelWedding_0343JenniferNeelWedding_0352JenniferNeelWedding_0353JenniferNeelWedding_0342  JenniferNeelWedding_0339JenniferNeelWedding_0338 JenniferNeelWedding_0277 JenniferNeelWedding_0341JenniferNeelWedding_0354JenniferNeelWedding_0367 JenniferNeelWedding_0373 JenniferNeelWedding_0376 JenniferNeelWedding_0379JenniferNeelWedding_0469 JenniferNeelWedding_0473JenniferNeelWedding_0525JenniferNeelWedding_0528

Jennifer’s wedding dress search
I tried approximately 25 and I chose mine because it was so unique and unexpected and beautiful! And perfect for the venue.


How she felt in her dress
Beautiful. Bride. Timeless. Like Grace Kelly!


Why she’s selling her wedding dress
I always knew I would sell it – It was a large investment and served it’s purpose so perfectly and was amazing – the dress deserves to be worn again!


Wedding Dress Christos Costarellos | Photography: Maloman Studios |  Venue: The Addison  | Event Planning & Floral Design: Daniel’s Events | Cake: Earth and Sugar