Jen + John | Elie Saab Wedding From Rebecca Arthurs Photography

Jen + John | September 20, 2015 |  Portsmouth, Rhode Island

The warmth and elegance of this Rhode Island wedding will stop you in your tracks. With a nod to the groom’s Italian heritage, Jen and John created an inviting reception that reflected the beauty and timeless romance of Italy. Sprawling vines, organic wine-hued florals and romantic candles were the backdrop to a traditional five course Italian dinner. The evening finished with live swing and jazz music and plenty of dancing.

This is an intimate affair that their guests won’t soon forget.  And one that’s just brimming with pretty inspiration.

John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0030 John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0027John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0008 (1) John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0010 GettingReady6 GettingReady2John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0082 (1) John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0083 (1) John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0189 John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0177 John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0195 John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0024 John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0215  John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0225 John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0237John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0282 John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0292John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0006 (1) John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0022 (1)John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0002 | Real Weddings | Rebecca Arthurs PhotographyJohn_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0324 John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0537 John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0533John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0530John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0525 John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0545 John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0551 John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0827John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0556 (1) John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0560 John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0561 John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0671John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0594 (1) John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0605John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0600  John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0613     John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0718  John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0739

Jen’s wedding dress search
I was specifically interested in dresses with sleeves, so there were significantly fewer options from which to choose than if I had wanted to wear something strapless.

I initially hesitated when trying on the Elie Saab because it was out of my budget and, as brides are often warned, I was worried what would happen if I did indeed fall in love with it. However, I had always dreamed of wearing an Elie Saab dress on my wedding day, so I wanted to at least briefly imagine what it would feel like to wear my “dream dress”, even if it was just for a few minutes. Well, wouldn’t you know – all those advice-givers were right. As soon as I put it on, it took my breath away. The shape of the dress was effortlessly flattering and feminine, the sequin and beaded detailing – impeccable and imparting just the right amount of sparkle, and the train, when swept around my feet, made it look as if I was literally floating on a cloud.

This was hands-down the winner, but now what to do about that budget? I could certainly afford to purchase the dress – the problem was justifying that expense in the long-run, especially given everything else we needed to pay for in the months ahead. Then it occurred to me that if I sold the dress after the wedding, I could recoup some of the expense and actually be within my initial budget (albeit several months after the event, but later is better than never!). Having made an agreement with myself that I would sell the dress following the wedding, I happily purchased the dress and turned my dreams into a reality.

Elie Saab Elysia |
John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0152 John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0167

How she felt in her wedding gown
Elegant, Timeless, Lovely

John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0175 (1) John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0442

Why she’s selling her wedding dress
Knowing that I was going to sell my dress is actually how I justified purchasing it in the first place! Though unconventional to some, the idea of selling a wedding dress makes so much sense to me. Not only does it significantly increase the number of dresses from which a bride, even a budget conscious one  can now choose, it allows those of us whose weddings have since passed to breathe new life into incredible garments we really can only wear once in our lives. I am so grateful for being able to have worn my dream dress on my wedding day and hope that, in selling my dress, I can afford another bride the same opportunity.

John_Jennifer_Glen_Manor_Wedding_Rebecca Arthurs-0570

Wedding Dress: Elie Saab Elysia | Photography: Rebecca Arthurs  | Ceremony Venue: St. Mary’s Church  | Reception Venue: Glen Manor House  | Floral Design: Greenlion Design  | Cake: Confectionery Designs