Jeannine + Kevin | Hayley Paige Real Wedding From Wonderlust Photography

This pretty wedding is the brimming with inspiration to start your new year!  The venue was simply spectacular. And every detail, from the pretty greenery to the hanging tealights, perfectly complemented the natural setting. But what you won’t be able to take your eye off of is Jeannine’s Hayley Paige gown.  Elegant, beautiful and full movement, its as if the gown was created with this very wedding in mind.

Jeannine + Kevin | August 5, 2016 | Victoria, British Columbia

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The Ceremony
We had an outdoor forest ceremony that was very much focused on nature and our natural surroundings. The setting was very peaceful, in a beautiful, intimate circular clearing in the woods on Vancouver Island. Instead of an alter, we used a large tree-root as our ceremony backdrop, and loaded it full of beautiful white roses. We added a few lanterns and we had colourful dried flowers tossed at us for our ceremony exit (my husband carried me out of the forest as an impromptu surprise!). Our ceremony music was acoustic guitar played by one of our close friends, and our ceremony was officiated by another close friend. It was all extremely personalized.

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The Reception
Our reception was in a tent, as we really wanted to work with a blank slate for decor, have lots of natural light, and play up our natural surroundings. We had forest and an apple orchard surrounding us, and views of the pacific ocean behind the head table. All of our decor was light, bright and natural, since August is the hottest and driest month of the year, we really wanted our reception decor to go with the natural colors of nature during that time of year.

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Jeannine’s Wedding Dress Search
Many, many dresses! The one I ended up buying was one of the first I tried on. I fell in love with it immediately but it was outside my intended budget, so I kept searching but nothing else compared. In the end I decided to buy my dream dress after all. What I loved about my dress is that it’s very classic and simple, yet still has stunning details that make it unique (the subtle pinstripe, the flow of the train, the v-notch in the neckline). I used to model in Europe, which gave me a strong appreciation for quality craftsmanship and fabrics, and no other dress compared to this one. For me it was also crucial to have a dress that I could easily move in. There’s nothing worse than feeling or looking stiff in a photograph – comfort is key for me, as is dynamic movement in photography. This dress lent itself stunningly to movement shots walking, being carried, dancing, spinning, walking through a breeze, etc. And the most important part – it was incredibly flattering with natural waist accentuation. I felt beautiful in my dress.


How She Felt In Her Hayley Paige
Extraordinary, beautiful, elated.

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Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
It’s such a special dress and it deserves to live on and be worn by another bride. This dress was over my budget, but I bought it anyway because I felt so beautiful in it. If I can share that with someone else and make this same dress more accessible by re-selling it at a lower price than I got it – that’s something incredible I’d love to be able to do for another bride.

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Wedding Dress: Hayley Paige Esther | Photography: Wonderlust Photography  | Venue: Sea Cider | Event Planning:  RAD Occasions | Floral Design, Bouquets and Boutonnieres:  Jennifer Roberts, Ceremony and Reception:  Decorate Victoria