Inspired by Spring Creative Editorial

Sometimes, it’s a very good thing for us to take inspiration from outside the wedding world. When creatives (whether those are your hired wedding vendors, or an artist, or carpenter – anyone!) take a step back, and spend time learning and reflecting on new things, we find the most magic happens.  This beautiful fashion editorial was inspired by Parker Palmer’s reflection on one simple word: humus. “The word humus, the decayed organic matter that feeds the roots of plants, comes from the same word-root that gives rise to humility. It’s an etymology in which I find forgiveness, blessing and grace. It reminds me that the humiliating events of life – can create the fertile soil that nourishes new growth.”

While it may seem strange to meditate on a word that refers to decay, floral designer Lisa Grey of Sweet Woodruff and photographer Lauren Kurc found this reflection to inspire thoughts of rebirth and new growth, much like the beauty of spring. So with a delicate, earthy color palette and a sweet sense of simplicity, they created this beautiful collection of imagery that we hope inspires some of you to look beyond typical wedding images for your inspiration.

Photography: Lauren Kurc | Florist: Lisa Gray of Sweet Woodruff | Hair and Makeup: Ashley Readings
Stylist: Audra Csak | Model: Avery Foote with Plutino Models | Clothing: Aritzia and Zara | Calligraphy: Plume Calligraphy