How to Tie the Perfect Bow

How To Tie the Perfect Bow

I‘ll be the first to admit that while I’m relatively crafty, I’m absolutely terrible when it comes to tying bows. Seriously awful.

So while tying the perfect bow might come easily to some of us, I thought I’d share these instructions from Beau-coup on how to tie a ribbon around a gift box.

There’s a technique to tying ribbon around a gift box and giving it a flat bottom so that it sits evenly on a table. The trick is to twist the ribbon at the top instead of at the bottom to avoid having a bump at the bottom of the box that causes it to wobble on the surface.

It’s much easier if you watch the short video first, and then you can refer to the instructions below!

  1. Start by determining how much ribbon you want to leave for the bow.
  2. Hold the ribbon down at the top of the box, leaving a piece hanging.
  3. Take the long piece and wrap it round the box in one direction.
  4. When you get back to the top, fold the shorter hanging piece over, turn the box and pull on both ends.
  5. Now take the long end and wrap it around the other side of the box.
  6. When you get back up to the top, tuck the end of the ribbon underneath the twist.
  7. Now pull it tight and you’re ready to tie your bow!

Now you have a perfect bow with a flat bottom that will sit evenly on your table.

With the holidays coming up, I might actually be able to pull off a decent bow. Plus, for any of you ladies making your own wedding favor boxes, this could come in handy. Many thanks to Beau-coup for sharing the video and instructions and saving me the embarrassment of my hideous bows!