14 Dashing Poses That Will Enhance Your Engagement Photos

You’re engaged. It’s been announced. You’re starting your wedding prep and there are so many color swatches and cake flavors flowing through your mind that you may go a little insane. And now, you’ve got to figure out what to wear for your engagement photos – and – how to pose and not feel super awkward and stiff throughout the experience.

Of course, your photographer should be well-versed in giving you tips, tricks, and ideas of how and what looks good. But, we’re here to settle your fears and anxiety even more. Put yourself at ease and check out these 14 dashing poses that will enhance your engagement photos!

14 Dashing Poses That Will Enhance Your Engagement Photos

Laughing and Natural

Laughing and Natural Engagement Pose Idea


If you can get some shots of the two of you laughing, you’re golden. The more natural the poses, the more comfortable you’ll be, and the more authentic the photos will come out in the end. Try to make each other laugh, you’re bound to get a giggle. For this particular look, either one of you can be wrapping your arms around the other – and it’ll still be sweet as pie!

Head on Shoulder

Head on the shoulder engagement pose idea


One of the easiest to recreate and one that feels comfortable for both parties, just grab his arm and put your head on his shoulder. This works in all scenarios and venues, so, it’s also one of the most versatile as well!


Dancing engagement photo idea


You could also perform a little slow dance while your photographer snaps a few shots. A twirl or two in the wind will catch your hair and dress just right. This is especially useful for outdoor areas with a romantic vibe.

Groom Carrying Bride

Groom to be carries bride engagement photo idea


Perfect if you want to evoke a sense of chivalry and romance, or you’ve decided to photograph around some water. We are in love with this easy-to-recreate pose. And there are so many different shots to work with once your beau lifts you off your feet.

Kiss on the Cheek

Kiss on the cheek engagement pose idea


Simple and sweet, either one of your can kiss the other on the cheek and get a classic photo out of it. It’s a charming, traditional moment that you can use to showcase your love and your engagement. The black and white feature really brings out a timeless quality.

Back Squeeze

Back squeeze engagement photo idea


Come behind him or her with a sneak attack hug. It’s a sweet gesture and one that can be captured in a way that it’s an actual surprise. The reaction can be natural and your photographer will be prepared to snap!

The Almost Kiss

Almost kiss romantic engagement photo idea


The almost kiss is sultry and romantic. If you want to add a bit of sex appeal into your photos, go for the gold with this beautiful pose. It may feel weird or awkward at first, but just pretend it’s the two of you and create your own “bubble of love.”

Nose to Nose

Alt text: nose to nose engagement photo idea


This two can start off a bit awkward and follow with some nervous giggles. But in the end, when you’re able to relax and be in the moment, you’ll get a beautiful shot of your love and connection. Nose to nose is just as good as cheek to cheek.

Lap Sitting

Sitting on his lap engagement photo idea


Cuddle up in his lap to get a great photo too! Whether you’re out in the field, near the ocean, or in a swanky hotel, this is a pose that will work in any and every fashion. Just be comfortable and natural!

On His Knee

on his knee engagement photo idea


Recreate the moment he asked you to be his! Make sure in the midst of all your posing that you get in position. Him on one knee and you giving him a kiss or with a cheesy grin on your face, it’s a beautiful memory to have pocketed.

Hand Holding

holding hands engagement photo idea


Here’s another easy one to recreate, especially when you want to utilize your background. Near the mountains or in front of a funky, brick wall, grab each others hands and take a good look at the stunning face you get to call yours for the rest of your life.

Head in Lap

head in her lap engagement photo idea


We’re in love with the romance here. It looks like the cover of your favorite, swoon-worthy novel, don’t you think? Gather him or her in your lap and smooch!

Sitting on the Steps

sitting on the steps engagement photo idea


Depending on your venue, you may want to utilize the steps or similar situation. The closeness works perfectly and it’s another comfortable position that comes across as loving and natural. This is especially good for more casual shoots.

Walking Hand-in-Hand

walking hand in hand engagement photo idea


And finally, another pose that works no matter the setting, or the clothes chosen. Walk hand in hand, smile, kiss, or stare at each other, here is where the photographer can let you go off in you natural ways while snapping photos. Think about doing this during sunset or sunrise!