How pricing can help grow your business

 blog-graphicCan you imagine what your day would look like if your business was thriving?

Let’s imagine this life together for a minute.  

You wake up slowly in the morning, sip on hot coffee, and spend some time reading your favorite book. You head into your studio about 9am and meet your admin assistant who is already hard at work, answering emails and handling inquiries received from the night before. Your studio assistant is busy unpacking boxes from the weekend’s wedding and managing inventory for the week ahead.

Your job? You put some Amos Lee on Spotify and then dive into the first creative project on your list.

Sounds like a bit of a dream, doesn’t it?

But it can happen, and Britt Bass is proof. Britt’s a successful abstract painter with a thriving business. From struggling to make ends meet to the creative and financial freedom of trying new product lines and designs, Britt completely transformed her business with the help of Shanna Skidmore.

It turns out it was her pricing that had been holding her back for so long.

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