Hannah + Alex

pink wedding flowers

I’ve been a big fan of Steep Street for quite some time now, so I’m absolutely thrilled about featuring Hannah and Alex’s wedding today on Once Wed. Kelty, the ridiculous talent behind Steep Street, was kind enough to send over a ton of gorgeous images for the feature as well as a few details behind their day…

Hannah and Alex have known each other since childhood and lived in the same neighborhood, swam in the same pool and went to the same elementary school! They were married beneath the very oak tree they played under as children. The wedding was a casual an wonderful experience… both of them stood inside hoola hoops under the tree as a dear friend read them their self-written vows inside the cover of a favorite Doctor Seuss book. The reception was totally casual and hilarious… everyone loved the pinatas and small details, as well as the HUGE candy table spread (most of which they brought back from a summer trip to Spain), multi-flavored cupcakes and a cake made by Alex’s mom with Hannah and Alex figurines on top.  Each table was littered with multi-colored dahlias, vintage tin toys, and childrens games.













As a wedding favor, they recorded three of their favorite song covers (doing all the cheesy instrumentals and vocals themselves!) and burned cds for the guests, using my 8 different designs as simple slip covers for the music. They’re so awesome! We entitled the cds “Faux Real”, to give a sense of their playfulness in general, a hint what the wedding would be like, and a way to describe the art pieces that they’re living in together…. as other-worldly as their own lives!




To see the rest of this amazing wedding, check out the fabulous Steep Street blog later today. Kelty has the full post coming up plus all their album covers which are ridiculous gorgeous!

P.S. – We’re doing a soft launch of our vendor guide on Monday…finally. We’ve got some great vendors already on board with many more on the way. Have a great weekend!!