Handmade Georgia Farm Wedding

Ok, I’m officially swooning. Being from Atlanta myself, I definitely have a soft spot for Georgia’s countryside. I love how Julia and Aaron incorporated bright, fun purples and yellows into their intimate, farm wedding. They are just pulling my heart in all kinds of directions…

Our wedding was all hands on and low budget- we stretched it as far as we possibly could with the help of our amazing friends and family. I designed my wedding dress, and my mother made it based on sketches, and we actually based the top off of a dress we found at H&M in France. My parents live in France, and she bought all the fabric for the dress in Paris, so I like to say its “couture made from Paris.” The locket necklace that I wore on the wedding day was a gift that my dad gave to my mom on their first anniversary, and my mom had put a wedding photo in it from their wedding when she got it. So, I wore a locket with my parents wedding photo in it from 34 yrs ago.  Also, we did not have any groomsmen or bridesmaids. We thought it would be more intimate that way.

As far as the wedding decorations go- we made all of them! To start with, we made streamers made of cream and white tissue paper. We also made fabric streamers. We used both vintage frabrics, and bought some bed sheets at Target to make those. I had hay stacks for people to sit on during the ceremony, and my mom made the covers to go over them.  I also got yellow fans for guests, and little sachets that we filled with lavender for people to throw after we were married and walking back down the aisle together.  For table decorations we also made the table runners.  I collected vintage bottles, and was borrowed some old jelly jars and mason jars.  We made the drift wood and bark centerpieces that had soft wood (balsa wood i think), moss and votive candles on them. I ordered the lavender online and I worked with florist Judy Greg Hacker. We bought the fresh flowers by the buckets instead of having arrangements and then she made my bouquet. Then a friend made all the boutonnieres out of left over crafts we had from making decorations, and some of the flowers.


Our friend Hain Kim catered all of our food.  Since I’m from France and my husband is from the dirty south, we tried to do a fusion of the two. For example, aioli bbq on french baguette. We had a french wedding cake which is “une pièce montée” or also called a “croquembouche”.  Its made of assembled profiteroles (cream puff pastries), traditionally in the shape of a cone and held together with hardened caramel. I had Rembrandts bakery in Chattanooga make the puff pastries and my mom assembled it and made it into a cake.



Photography: Our Labor of Love by Heidi

Hair Piece: ban.do

Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Florist: Judy Greg Hacker of Chattanooga Florists.

Venue: Sunrise Farms in Trenton, GA

DJ: Nick Turner