[Guide] What Are “Artisan Created” (AKA, Man-Made) Diamonds All About?

Three synthetic diamond rings with three different cuts

They’re described several different types of ways. From “artisan-created” to “man-made” to even “lab-created,” synthetic diamonds are in a realm all their own. Made from pure carbon and grown in facilities that simulate the Earth’s natural growing process, these gems are nearly identical to the natural pieces that we’re so used to swooning over.

It’s taken a while, but those in the laboratories have gotten the science of these diamonds’ growth down to an artform. And today, we’re sharing what these man-made beauties are really all about – we’re also showing off some of our favorite designs!

How Are They Grown?

As mentioned above, synthetic diamonds are grown in simulated Earth labs. Instead of growing underground, inside of our planet, everything in a man-made atmosphere. And it all starts out with a single seed introduced to a bout of heat and pressure inside of a chamber. While inside the chamber, crystallization begins and the growth happens within six to ten weeks.

Once grown, the diamond is cut, shined, and then given to grades by those that also certify natural diamonds. There are several different kinds of processes that one can use to grow a diamond including: Chemical Vapor Deposition or High-Pressure High-Temperature.

Why Go With An Artisan-Created Diamond?

Conflict Free

Lab-grown diamonds aren’t doing harm in any part of our world. There’s no negative effect on local communities or the Earth.

Cost Effective

If you’re looking to save money without skipping out on quality or style, synthetic diamonds will give you that benefit. Most of the time they will cost you nearly 50% less than they’re natural cousins.

Just As Beautiful

Synthetic diamonds really are just as beautiful as the natural stones. And the naked eye won’t be able to tell the difference.

Quick Tips When Buying An Artisan-Created Diamond

  • Do your homework: Know what your SO’s preferences are (not all synthetics come in natural sizes and shapes) and make sure the company you’re buying from is reputable in the lab-grown realm.
  • Check the certification: Just like natural diamonds, lab-created diamonds should be graded and certified as well. Don’t buy one without it.
  • Think about color: These diamonds come in color and if you go with a different shade – such as yellow or pink – you’ll be saving even more money.

Stunning Artisan-Created Diamond Engagement Ring Examples

MiaDonna Heirloom Engagement Ring

MiaDonna Heirloom Engagement Ring

  • Where: MiaDonna
  • Price: Starting at $1,935

Inspired by the “Tiffany & Co. Legacy,” it features a vintage spirit and a halo of recycled diamonds around the center stone. If you want a traditional and old-world edge to the ring’s style, this is definitely a design to take a second look at.



Jared Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Jared Sapphire & Diamond Ring

  • Where: Jared
  • Price: $74.99

This is a great example of how you can get a beautiful design without dipping into your savings account. Made of sparkling sterling silver and highlighted with lab-created diamonds and sapphires, this is a perfect choice for those looking for alternate buys.

Brilliant Earth .60 ct. Fancy Pink Round-Cut

Brilliant Earth .60 ct. Fancy Pink Round-Cut

Here, we’re showing off just the diamond. In a lot of areas, you will buy your setting and diamond separately, and this is just a beautiful example of a colored, lab-created diamond that you can highlight any setting choice with.



MiaDonna Marilyn Accented Engagement Ring

MiaDonna Marilyn Accented Engagement Ring

  • Where: MiaDonna
  • Price: Starting at $1,393

Timeless style and classic appeal, the Marilyn Accented ring is full of femininity and bridal bliss. You can easily pick up the set to finish off your bride’s full “married” look or mix and match with a simpler band.



Brilliant Earth Create-Your-Own

Over at Brilliant Earth, you’ll even be able to create-your-own diamond ring. There are multiple filters to sift through to find your perfect stone and setting.