Flattering Dress Styles For When Your Bridesmaids Are All Different Shapes!

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Because your bridesmaids won’t all have the same build, height, and style, it can be really difficult to find a dress that will accentuate all of their best features. So what are the most flattering dress styles for a group of bridesmaids that have different body shapes? Continue reading for a few tips so that every member of your bridal party can look beautiful and confident on your big day.

First Off, Be Flexible

Even though you may really want your bridesmaids to all wear the same dress, this may not be possible if you want every women to look and feel her best. Therefore, flexibility is the first and most important key to everyone’s happiness.

If one bridesmaid needs a dress that’s a bit longer while another needs a dress that stops at the knees, that’s fine. Even if your bridesmaids have to wear dresses of different cuts, having this kind of flexibility will make the entire process go more smoothly. In fact, some brides are so flexible that they allow their bridesmaids to try on various dresses and choose their favourites, whether or not they end up matching in the end. Sometimes simply having the same colour dress on is enough to differentiate your bridesmaids from your guests.


Styles That Flatter All Body Shapes

If you absolutely want your bridesmaids to match, no matter what, stick with styles that will flatter all body types. These include A-line dresses and those with empire waists. Whether your bridesmaids are plus size or really thin, very tall or very short, these cuts will accentuate their best features while downplaying any features that they may not feel so comfortable showing off. Even a shorter A-line skirt on a bridesmaid dress will flatter all body types, especially when the woman’s lower legs are toned.

Dresses That Fit All Bust Sizes

Your bridesmaids are also likely to have varying bust sizes. How can you find the ideal dress style for all of them?

If your bridesmaids have smaller busts, a halter neckline would work beautifully. Another option would be a cute spaghetti-strap dress that’s feminine and light, or a cowl neckline, which is also great for girls with a pear shaped body. And, finally, a boat neckline is also flattering. For bridesmaids with larger busts, though, a scoop neckline works perfectly.

Flattering Dress Styles For When Your Bridesmaids Are All Different Shapes!

But if you want every women to look fabulous, regardless of her bust size, sweetheart necklines are the way to go. This neckline will suit every shape, size, and figure. Off-the-shoulder cuts are also popular with all body types.

With these helpful tips in mind, you can find the bridesmaid dresses that your entire bridal party will love to wear. And remember that you can find beautiful dresses on a budget, if necessary, just as you can search through UK Wedding Savings to find the ideal venue at the right price. So go ahead and have fun shopping with your girls, as this is everyone’s chance to bond and find the most flattering dresses that will make your wedding beautiful.