Giselle + Steve | Ines Di Santo Real Wedding From Derrel Ho-Shing Photography and DGranner Photography

A self confessed fashionista, Giselle’s wedding vision was clear: glamour.  And she almost single-handedly brought her vision to life, acting as her own wedding planner and making her her own cake, invitations, bouquet, wedding program, and  attendant dress for her dog.

This wedding is full of sparkle.  If you’re dreaming of a fairy tale wedding, you’ll find your inspiration here!

Giselle + Steve  | June 6th 2015 | Toronto, Ontario


The Wedding
The ceremony was very personal, my father walked me down the aisle and my step father delivered the matrimony discourse.  We wanted everyone to know that blended families can get along and love each other.  We married on a beautiful sunny day at the garden in the banquet hall under a white canopy with over 150 guests present.

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The Reception
The reception was very glamorous and elegant featuring shades of white, silver and lilac.  We also wanted to make sure that our guests have a fun filled evening, were able to entertain our clients with the best DJ’s, latin dancer performers and photo booth, it truly was the fairy tale wedding I always longed for.

Giselle&SteveMARRIED-255Giselle&SteveMARRIED-340SteveGiselleWEDDING-372Giselle&SteveMARRIED-371 Giselle&SteveMARRIED-373Giselle&SteveMARRIED-442Giselle&SteveMARRIED-418 Giselle&SteveMARRIED-448Giselle&SteveMARRIED-439SteveGiselleWEDDING-316Giselle&SteveMARRIED-469newSteveGiselleWEDDING-323SteveGiselleWEDDING-380 SteveGiselleWEDDING-397SteveGiselleWEDDING-513

Giselle’s Wedding Dress Search
I only tried on three dresses, all by Ines Di Santo a local haute couture designer.  I was personally fitted three times by the designer herself.  I always knew I wanted mermaid with bling I wanted to glitter in swarovski and just look glamorous.  I did not want to look like a princess, I wanted to look like a queen and that is exactly how I felt with this dress on.  When the lights dimmed this dresses glittered like diamonds, I received and still receive compliments on how beautiful the dress was.


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
As much as I love this dress, I did buy it with the intention of selling it, I want to give a bride an opportunity to buy a haute couture designer at a reduced cost, I am sure this will make a bride very happy.


Wedding Dress: Ines Di Santo Elite | Derrel Ho-Shing Photography & DGranner Photo | Venue: Paradise Banquet Hall | Flora Design: Babylon Decor