Getting The Look For Less

Being blissfully unaware of wedding day budget constraints is a luxury most brides don’t get to enjoy.  Luckily, there are many inspired and truly creative ways to cut costs without looking like you did.

Infuse your wedding day with some or all of these suggestions that will allow any bride and groom to (invisibly) cut corners and stay on – or even under – your wedding budget.

As to what you should do with any possible savings?  We have a feeling you’ll be able to come up with an idea, or two. Honeymoon couple massage, anyone?

Etsy Is A Good Bet(sy):
Original, well-made and easily-personalized ideas can be found on sites like Etsy, and often at a fraction of the price charged by bigger manufacturers. Handmade or handcrafted items are often constructed with more care, and better quality, than products made overseas. Look for shops that can provide more than one item (ie: wedding favours and cake toppers) and save on shipping too.

Use Credit (Carefully):
We’re wary of ever recommending using credit cards vs cash, but when it comes to big wedding expenditures, using a cashback or points-based credit card for your purchases can mean earning funds you can use later towards furnishing a new home or even paying for part of the honeymoon. So charge it…but only if you truly know you can afford it.

Dress to Impress (For Less): 
Our list wouldn’t be complete without pointing out that purchasing your desired dress for less on is one of the biggest – and best – ways to see significant savings. Be sure to use our advanced search function and sign up for new dress alerts to see when gowns by your favorite designers are listed.

Be Selective:
Frat parties may be the perfect place for an open bar, but at your wedding, guests can still enjoy a smaller selection as long as some variety is offered. Consider starting cocktail hour with one signature drink to keep an eye on your bar budget while allowing the fluids to keep flowing.

Fake The Cake:
We’re actually serious about this one, and we’ve seen it done before and never been the wiser until after the fact.  Consider renting a faux cake (or, if you are on good terms borrow a beautiful display cake often in the window of a sweet shop.) As guests ahhh over the ‘fake cake’ your only you know that hidden away back in the kitchen is your much-more affordable and delicious sheet cake,  already cut into perfectly-sized pieces.

Picture Perfect:
Photography is always a tough choice to consider when it comes to cost cutting because no one wants to miss out on the image from your wedding day that will inspire you for years to come. However, consider finding a photographer’s trusted assistant who is ready to strike out on their own. Their fees will be less but the end results will have you smiling.

The best kept secret to saving on your wedding is keeping an open mind (and not necessarily an open wallet!)