Gabriela + Nicholas | Berta Real Wedding From Laura Fuchs Photography

Berta Real Wedding From Laura Fuchs Photography |

Everything about this Long Island City wedding is so effortlessly stylish – the courtyard ceremony setting, the modern open reception space the bride’s long sleeved Berta gown. We love how the bride had almost given up on finding her dream dress, until a seasoned stylist brought it as the last dress she tried on!

Gabriela  + Nicholas | September 23, 2016 | Long Island City, New York

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The Ceremony
Our ceremony was held in the courtyard area of The Foundry. We were married by our long time friend, and a former colleague of mine, who’s words set the tone for the intimate and lighthearted evening. My husband and I each had 4 of our best friends by our side.

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The Reception
The reception was a blast! The music was a mix of 90’s hip hop, r&b, salsa, and pop. Every single guest was dancing, hugging, and smiling from ear to ear.

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Gabriela’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on around 20 dresses until I found the one during my last appointment at L’fay. By the time I arrived at L’fay I felt defeated by my previously failed attempts that weekend. L’fay was the only appointment in which I didn’t show them my dream dress for reference, and they somehow figured it out and brought it to me as the last dress I tried on. It was truly a magical moment. We drank champagne, cried, and then went on to drink some more.

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How She Felt In Her Berta Wedding Dress
Timeless, elegant, bridal


Why She Is Selling Her Wedding Gown
Berta dresses retail for a pretty high price. I paid in full for the one I loved and only wore it for a short amount of time. Most people tend to keep their dresses in hopes their daughters will someday wear it, but I imagine my daughter will have her own style. Additionally, if I’m able to provide this amazing dress for another bride at a discounted price, it would make me feel really great. There’s good luck sewn into the dress. My wedding night was incredibly memorable.



Wedding Dress: Berta |  Photography: Laura Fuchs  | Venue: The Foundry | Wedding Coordinator: Rebecca Reinhard | Catering: Evelyn’s Kitchen