Fun Ways to Make Your Wedding More Interactive


If you and your partner are tying the knot, you’ve no doubt been thinking about that all-important guest list. Whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony or a big bash, having the right people there to celebrate your union is one of the most crucial elements of the day – and it’s important to make the occasion special for them too. In addition to planning an entertaining engagement, there are many different ways you can get your guests involved as more than just spectators. We’ve put together some simple yet effective strategies for making your special day that little bit more fun and interactive.

Take song requests
Everyone has different tastes when it comes to music, and one way to cater to all is to make a guest-inspired playlist. Invite each of your guests to submit a song request before the big day, and compile them into a list ready for the DJ. As well as helping your guests to feel included in the process, this is a sure-fire way to fill the dancefloor.

Create an easy-access photo gallery
Most of your guests will appear in the wedding photos at some point, but not everyone will actually get to see them. Make it easy for friends and family to view the wedding snaps by creating an online gallery; you can easily integrate images into your website with a Lightbox gallery. Print your web address on the wedding invitation and invite guests to submit their own photos too.

Get creative with the guest book
It’s not uncommon for guests to leave a hand-written message in a book, so why not make this a little more interactive? One option is to integrate a Tweet wall so that friends and family can Tweet their messages and see them projected live throughout the day. Services such as Wall of Tweets enable you to create your own hashtag and design a wall that is totally unique to your wedding – and bound to get people talking!

Ice-breakers at dinner
Whilst you and your partner will know everyone on the guest list, they may not necessarily know each other, so it’s important to get them mingling. Putting ice-breakers at the dinner table is a great way to get the conversation flowing; keep it fun and light-hearted, and stick to topics that everyone can participate in.

If you’re especially keen to get your guests mixing and mingling, games are a great addition to the festivities. Organized games can be a bit too structured, so consider renting oversized board games instead – such as giant dominos or snakes and ladders. Your guests can join in as and when they please, and will no doubt bond over these old childhood favorites.

Getting your guests involved and keeping them entertained is crucial to making sure the day runs smoothly. By incorporating a few simple extras into the program, you can easily give your loved ones a day to remember.