Get The Look For Less | Faux Wedding Cakes

Azar Jazestani | Principal Planner Ok so is it terribly wrong to fake the cake? Well, I say go for it! Ladies and lads, if you don’t already know this, those beautiful cakes you see in your favorite magazines are almost always dummy cakes. Stand ins! Can you tell? Why not bring a little faux fab to your wedding day?!

Cakes cost a fortune and the option of settling for an ugly one that fits into your budget is just wrong. This is a great alternative for the bride who has the style, but wants to save a pretty penny.  Always dreamt of having a lavish eight tiered bad boy for your big day? Well, this may be the answer to your dreams.

Meet with your favorite cake designer and tell them what you are thinking of doing for your big day. They will design your cake based on your colors, theme + overall feel and deliver a perfect piece of art with a few fake tiers. You can still have a diva’s cake on a less than diva-ish budget!

So, when the big moment comes, cut the cake and ever so gently feed each other the real stuff (just remember which tiers are faux!) As for the guests… wheel your cake out of the reception and into the kitchen where you can secretly get rid of the evidence! Once the cake slices are plated and garnished to perfection, all your unsuspecting guests will think is how delicious it is! It’ll be our little secret.

The Look For Less is a regular feature on our blog.  Get amazing style tips from top wedding experts who can help you get a great look at your wedding, without breaking the bank.

Today’s feature was written by Azar Jazestani of Principal Planner in Montreal, Quebec. Principal Planner coordinates every event with exceptional grace and a  trendy touch creating unforgettable results.

Wedding Cake Photos  by Luisa Galuppo.