Floral Variation On A Theme

What do we love about floral designers? That they are crazy creative – a creativity occurring from working with nature’s most beautiful assets! Each designer can take the same flowers and see something slightly different, and the result is a wonderful variation on a theme.

From floral designer Ashley:
Tess, Kaela and I worked together to create an inspiration that excited all of us. We wanted each element to feel fresh, new and exciting on the color spectrum. We focused heavily on tonal color palettes and drew much of our inspiration from the blooming bearded iris that made a statement in many of the arrangements and vingettes.

Color has been such an inspiration personally and I love the challenge color pairing brings, and the way different palettes can evoke different moods and environments. Tess and Ciara played a lot with direct light and the way light interacts with color and shadows was a beautiful addition to the imagery. We went bold, yet kept many elements refined, keeping our location and surroundings in mind.

Photography Ciara Richardson | Stylist Tess Comrie | Floral Designer Tinge, offering Color Theory 2 Class | Dress Kaarem | Venue Washington Schoolhouse | Cake Pippa Cakery | Paper Goods Kaela Rawson

Tinge Workshop_5_2017-70

Tinge Workshop_5_2017-201

Tinge Workshop_5_2017-209

Tinge Workshop_5_2017-269

Tinge Workshop_5_2017-344

Tinge Workshop_5_2017-345

Tinge Workshop_5_2017-348

Tinge Workshop_5_2017-356

Tinge Workshop_5_2017-380

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