[2019 Edition] Etsy Wedding Thank You Gift Guide

There are a host of individuals you’ll want to thank for helping bring your big day to life. From the planners to the organizers, to the friends and the family that stood by your side, a little extra bout of appreciating is welcomed and advised.

Thankfully, there’s a little spot dubbed “Etsy,” you may have heard of it once or twice before, that has a trove of beautiful ideas up their sleeve. Some are handmade, some are vintage, some are innovatively sweet and made for keeping around for years to come – and they all work to spread a bit of gratefulness to your heavy wedding helpers.

We’ll start with some ideas for your bridesmaids and end with some snazzy ways to give an extra “thanks!” to the officiant that seals the deal on your vows.

For The Bridesmaids

Personalized Bracelets | Vantage Ways | $4.99

Personalized wedding thank you Bracelets

These bracelets representing “tying the knot” in a unique, subtle way that serves as a hidden memory for years to come. They’re also a perfect accessory for the bridesmaids to adorn themselves on the actual day of. Each comes with a personalized piece; a dangling initial.

Adventure Box | Sincerely Me | $12+

Themed gifts are fun too. If you’re having a destination wedding or your relationship is situated around traveling memories, these adventure boxes could be a great way to say thank you. There’s a lot of fun stuff included within such as sunglasses, a passport holder, and more.

Lavender Spa Kit | S C Apothecarie | $20

lavender spa thank you gift

Give the gift of relaxation. What better way to show your appreciation for their time and hard work then with a box filled with luxury. Soaps, bath salts and more, after the wedding winds down, your girlfriends can get some much-needed beauty rest with your help.

For The Groomsmen

Custom Flask | Wild and Free Prints | $12+

Custom Flask

Flasks are a traditional thank you gift for the groomsmen but one that’s readily welcomed – especially when they have so much modern style. These are easy on the wallet and can be personalized nicely. Add to your buds collection with one of these sleek designs.

Personalized Money Clip | Fun Over | $15.90

Personalized Money Clip

Money clips work well too. They’re small, pack a stylish punch, and they’re functional long after the day is done. We love this bronze look and its customizable quality.

Suit Up Box | Relish Print Design | $22.50

Suit Up Box

And finally, this “suit up” gift box has a bunch of essentials that will thank your pals in all the right ways. Suit up nicely for the big day, light up and take a load off, have a tumbler and bottle opener keepsake inside, as well as each of their favorite beers!

For the Parents

Personalized Hankies | The Polka Dotted Bee | $17.50+

personalized hankies wedding thank you gift

Mom and Dad will absolutely cherish these personalized hankies. Each with a sentiment to signify the day and your love/appreciation, they’ll be able to carry it on throughout the events of the wedding and then keep it for a lifetime as a warm symbol.

Rustic Tree Drawing | Marshmallow Inc. LLC | $20+

rustic tree drawing thank you gift

This piece of art is so distinctly beautiful, you just may want to gift in within a frame. Add your personalized thank yous and remarks to the design with the artist’s help. It’s such a unique bout of appreciation.

All That We Hope Print | Paper Ramma | $22+

All That We Hope Print

We absolutely swooned for this print. Grab an engagement photo (or a shot from the wedding) and use it as the foundation for this beauty. “All that we have become and all that we hope to be we out to our loving parents,” are the graphics that will accent the image. How precious is that?

For the Grandparents

Thank You Grandparents’ Frame | The Binding Tie | $59.99+

grandparents thank you wedding frame

Your grandparents will appreciate a beautiful frame – with a photo of the wedding day included – to display in their home. With a sentimental, personalized note attached, this truly is a beautiful way to celebrate grandma and grandpa.

The Start of Us Poster | Modern Map Art | $24.99

the night sky thank you poster

Do you wonder what the night sky may have looked like on the day you said, “I do?” We bet your grandparents may like to have a look at their own. Say thank you for all their help and support with a snapshot of their own wedding night.

Pottery Serving Bowl | Karo Art | $34+


Pottery Serving BowlIf you want something more offbeat in terms of a thank you gift, why not find a gorgeous new addition to their home – in the form of a serving bowl. This one, in particular, can be used while entertaining but look equally good on display at the dining room table or China cabinet.

For the Flower Girl

Water Bottle & Custom Bag Set | Frozen In Time Gifts | $19.55+

Water Bottle & Custom Bag Set

Present that little princess with a personalized tote and water bottle that she can use throughout the wedding day. Of course, this can serve her far past this date as well. She’ll love seeing herself in illustrated version too!

Rose Necklace | Three Two 1 | $9.99

Rose Necklace

A simple rose necklace will do the trick as well. She’ll be able to wear and keep for a long time after the event is over. This gift is great for flower girls that may be a bit older as well.

Flower Girl Bear | Paper Gala | $19.95+

flower girl custom thank you bear

Of course, a personalized teddy bear could be a great idea as well. We love how this one has a special travel bag to go along with it and it’s something she’ll be able to have for a lifetime – and remember how she was a part of your special day.

For the Ring Bearer

Silver Plated Yo-yo | CV Engraving | $18.81

Silver Plated Yo-yo

This one is both keepsakes worthy and functional. You’ll be able to spot the little dude trying to bust out some tricks with this chic yo-yo. The best part truly is the personalization as well, so not only will it be a fun addition to his toy repertoire but also a perfect remembrance.

Personalized Plush Elephant | Painted & Pressed | $25+

Personalized Plush Elephant

For younger lads, a personalized plush elephant will work as well. The same concept applies to this gift idea as it does the flower girl option above. And we all know stuffed animals tend to stick around forever.

Ring Bearer Personalized Baseball | Engraving Wiz | $16+

thank you personalized baseball

And for our older gentleman, a personalized baseball will do the trick. He’ll be able to keep this around – and displayed – for a lifetime; easily serving as a reminder to his participation but even more importantly, your love and appreciation for him.

For the Wedding Planner

Planner Personalized Coffee Tumbler | Love In The City Shop | $19.75

Planner Personalized Coffee Tumbler

Every wedding planner needs a coffee mug and tumbler. With this, he/she can house her favorite drink on the go. And, of course, the bout of glitter certainly doesn’t hurt.

Custom Wedding Planner Tote Bag | Practically Packed | $28.50


wedding planner tote bag

Every good wedding planner needs a solid tote bag as well. This one just so happens to serve as a listful reminder to all the necessities needed on the big day. It’s a great way to say “thank you” for all his/her hard work.

Rose Gold Wedding Planner Book | Inspired by Alma | $16.93

wedding planner book gift

And finally, make life a bit easier and find a new planner for him/her to keep organized. This one is made specifically for wedding planners – finding designs that match these heavy schedules is a must!

For the Officiant

Custom Religious Bobblehead | Bobbleheads Etsy Shop | $64

customized bobblehead gift

Turn your officiant into a bobblehead. Pastor, priest, or even a friend, there are so many ways to go about this and get a giggle and a smile out of the one who tied the knot for you two.

Personalized Wooden Pen + Box | Great Gift Centre US | $9.50+

personalized wooden pen and box thank you gift

Something more classic, this personalized pen and box can be kept around in his/her office forever. These kinds of gifts really do serve as wonderful reminders of appreciation for years to come.

Custom Bible Case | Engraved Happyism | $29.50+

Custom Bible Case

And finally, if you’re looking for something less traditional but just as functional – why not a bible/book cover? You can get these personalized in all kinds of ways – from thank you notes to initials. They also come in all kinds of colors and materials.