8 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

When your wedding is over, there are only a few special tokens left to remind you of that wonderful day: your wedding rings, wedding photos, your wedding gown (if you don’t decide to sell or donate it), and the guest book.

For years, guest books were a great way to document who was there to celebrate you on your special day, but the days of having everyone sign an actual book are practically over. More couples are opting for fun and unique alternatives, and the creativity is endless. Check out some of our favorite ideas (that won’t end up on a lonely bookshelf).

Thumbprint wedding guest book
Courtesy: elegantweddinginvites.com.

1. Thumbprint Painting

This first idea is for art lovers—have your guests leave their thumbprint on a special painting! Picture a cool tree with many branches or a hot air balloon with multiple strings. Set out a pad of ink and some pens, and have guests leave their thumbprint and sign their name.

The artwork can then be displayed in your home for years after you say, “I do”. Just don’t forget some wet wipes for your guests to wipe the ink off their hands.

Personalized Jenga game set
Courtesy: insideweddings.com

2. Puzzle Pieces

If you and your spouse-to-be love puzzles, then have your guests sign puzzle pieces. You can totally personalize this idea by creating a puzzle with your engagement photo or your wedding date on it.

When all the puzzle pieces are signed, you can either frame the finished puzzle or leave it in a box to work on again and again. You could make it a tradition to build the puzzle together on every anniversary!

Signatures on a black guitar
Courtesy: insideweddings.com

3. Sign a Record or Guitar

Music lovers, listen up! A totally unique idea would be to have your guests sign a record or guitar. Just imagine hanging the guitar on a wall or framing the record as a cool display in your home.

If you decide to go the record route, a super-special idea would be to find a record of your first dance. It’s definitely a conversation piece and sentimental too. Metallic-colored sharpies like gold or silver are the best option for this idea, that way the signatures really pop.

Personalized Jenga game set
Courtesy: brides.com

4. Jenga Pieces

Did someone say JENGA? Your guests will love signing classic Jenga pieces for the game-loving couple. It’s fun and practical, plus every game night will leave you smiling and thinking about your wedding day.

Globe with wedding guest signatures
Courtesy: brides.com

5. Sign a Globe

For world travelers, having your guests sign a globe is a genius idea! They can write well wishes to all your future adventurers or mark places they think you’d enjoy visiting. As time goes on, you can add extra-special touches to the globe like drawing a red heart where you went on your honeymoon, the location of your first home, and any other special locations.

Wine bottle guest book
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6. Sign a Wine Bottle

This next idea is a sure winner—wine! Choose a nice bottle of wine, set out some metallic sharpies, and have your guests sign the bottle. Then, on your 1st, 5th, or 10th anniversary you can pop open the bottle and reminisce over a tasty glass of merlot (or whatever you fancy). If you have a large guest count, set out three bottles to sign for all three milestone anniversaries.

Table full of quilt materials
Courtesy: brides.com

7. Form a Quilt

Here’s an idea you’ve probably never seen before: a sewing table full of quilt material. This option will take a little more work, but it will be a timeless treasure in the end.

Set out different square pieces of fabric and pens for signing. Have your guests choose a square to sign, and then sew all of the personalized swatches into a quilt.

Pro tip: provide clipboards for your guests to clip the fabric to for a firm writing surface. This also allows the fabric to not bleed through onto the table. If you’re crafty, sewing the quilt yourself will make it even more special, but we won’t judge if you have a friend or family member help you!

Polaroid guest book
Courtesy: brides.com

8. Make a Polaroid Book

Last but not least, a Polaroid photo book! This is a great option if you still like a traditional guest book, but with a modern twist.

Set up a photo booth or an area near your reception for people to take photos with the Poloroid camera. After the photo develops, guests can tape the photo inside a large guest book and sign next to their photo.

This idea is definitely a nostalgic favorite, and the results are usually hilarious and fun! Make sure to leave extra film near the camera, along with instructions on how to use it properly.