Etiquette for Remarrying Ex-Husband Would A Second Wedding Ceremony Be Weird?

second marriage etiquette
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Question: Hi, I will be remarrying my ex-husband. We were married 12yrs, divorced 10yrs, now live together for many years. I am not sure if it would be appropriate to have another wedding ceremony. Would people think it’s weird? I also wondered if reusing original wedding date would be strange? Neither of us remarried anyone else in between.

Remarriage Expert

Hi Pink – Congrats on getting back together with your ex-husband.

It makes sense for the two of you to have a wedding ceremony if you want to be married. After all, you can’t be married without having some sort of ceremony and legal paperwork (license). I think it would be lovely to see the two of you remarry and re-state your vows to one another. As long as you keep the ceremony and attire age and circumstance appropriate I don’t think anyone would think it’s “weird”. The weirdness comes when guests see a woman they know to have already been married, appearing as a “blushing bride” in full regalia (blusher veil, train, etc). Choose a dress fitting your age and coordinating with the level of formality of your ceremony. For example, morning weddings are typically less formal unless held in a Catholic Church. In this case you may want to choose a tea-length or shorter dress. Note white is still appropriate and no longer signifies a woman’s virginity.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info, still wondering what would be thought of reusing the original date? or should we go with a complete different date?

Remarriage Expert

There’s no reason you can’t use the same date, but if you don’t want to use that date you can pick a new one. It’s totally up to you.