Elvira + AJ | Winnie Couture Real Wedding From Black Tie Project

There is something extra special about a wedding that joins a family together.  Elvira and AJ had been together for over 10 years, and married for 3, but they had never held a wedding ceremony. So they decided to add another child to their family and get married on their anniversary (does it get more romantic than that?)  They hosted their destination wedding in Old San Juan in two gorgeous historical venues. You can feel the love, joy and happiness in every aspect of their stunning event.

Elvira + AJ | September 26, 2016 | Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Photo Mar 23, 15 39 19 PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com | Real WeddingsAJ and Elvira Wedding-0037AJ and Elvira Wedding-0050 Winnie Couture Real Wedding From Black Tie Project | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com AJ and Elvira Wedding-0138AJ and Elvira Wedding-0192 AJ and Elvira Wedding-0237 AJ and Elvira Wedding-0219AJ and Elvira Wedding-0259AJ and Elvira Wedding-0397AJ and Elvira Wedding-3872AJ and Elvira Wedding-0904AJ and Elvira Wedding-0958AJ and Elvira Wedding-1052 AJ and Elvira Wedding-1056AJ and Elvira Wedding-1065AJ and Elvira Wedding-1072 AJ and Elvira Wedding-0941 AJ and Elvira Wedding-0776  AJ and Elvira Wedding-0783 AJ and Elvira Wedding-1239AJ and Elvira Wedding-1263AJ and Elvira Wedding-1270AJ and Elvira Wedding-1275AJ and Elvira Wedding-1276AJ and Elvira Wedding-1398 AJ and Elvira Wedding-1423AJ and Elvira Wedding-1665AJ and Elvira Wedding-1678AJ and Elvira Wedding-1685AJ and Elvira Wedding-1696AJ and Elvira Wedding-1703AJ and Elvira Wedding-1794AJ and Elvira Wedding-1797AJ and Elvira Wedding-1840AJ and Elvira Wedding-2095AJ and Elvira Wedding-2106AJ and Elvira Wedding-1874AJ and Elvira Wedding-1882AJ and Elvira Wedding-1585AJ and Elvira Wedding-1108 AJ and Elvira Wedding-1104 AJ and Elvira Wedding-3965AJ and Elvira Wedding-3957AJ and Elvira Wedding-4003 AJ and Elvira Wedding-1186AJ and Elvira Wedding-1198AJ and Elvira Wedding-1191 AJ and Elvira Wedding-1196AJ and Elvira Wedding-1201 AJ and Elvira Wedding-2182Photo Sep 26, 20 04 45AJ and Elvira Wedding-2947 AJ and Elvira Wedding-2948 AJ and Elvira Wedding-3170AJ and Elvira Wedding-2495 AJ and Elvira Wedding-3202AJ and Elvira Wedding-3366 AJ and Elvira Wedding-3408 AJ and Elvira Wedding-3656 AJ and Elvira Wedding-3336

Elvira’s Wedding Dress Search
I was 2 months post partum when I went to try on dresses. It had been a moment I have waited my entire life for but was hesitant because my body was not at its norm. I tried on 3 dresses before I found my gown!! I fell in love with the classic mermaid silhouette, beautiful alencon lace and I fell in love with the confidence it gave me being 2 months post partum.

AJ and Elvira Wedding-1162 AJ and Elvira Wedding-1183AJ and Elvira Wedding-1145 AJ and Elvira Wedding-1175

How She Felt In her Winnie Couture
Beautiful. Confidant. Flawless.

Photo Sep 27, 06 24 00

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I’m deciding to sell my dress because I have dreamt my whole life about the moment of finding my gown and wearing it on my wedding day for my husband to see me. I want to sell it so someone else can feel that same confidence and beauty I had wearing it.

AJ and Elvira Wedding-1905

Wedding Dress: Winnie Couture 8410 |  Photography:  Black Tie Project | Ceremony Venue:  Castillo San Cristobal| Reception Venue: The Antigua Casino | Event Planning/Floral Design: Creating Weddings Group | Cake: Sabe a Gloria