Easy-going Outdoor Engagement Session

There is something different that catches our hearts every time we see a couple’s engagement, wedding, or anniversary photos. In Lindsay and Paul’s easy-going outdoor engagement session, it’s the way these photos show the emotions each of them experienced. Lindsay’s giddiness, Paul’s gentle and tender admiration for his bride – Jessica Rose Photography did a beautiful job in capturing the anticipation for their wedding.

Lindsay and Paul have a very sweet story – read on for more from the bride:
“A few days after marrying my college sweetheart, I moved from my home in New York across the Atlantic to be with him in England.  And as I’ve been settling into this new life, I’ve realized that it’s the person closest to you who makes any unfamiliar place feel like home. Living in England has given me just as much, if not more than what I could’ve ever asked for in this new season of marriage. I have been learning that my home is with Paul now, and this beautiful country is steadily becoming a place that is familiar in my heart. In these big life adjustments, you just need to put on a positive outlook, hold tightly to courage and hope, and step out of your comfort area with confidence….and what better way to do that then with your closest friend?”

Photography: Jessica Rose Photography