Delicate and Natural Boudoir Photography Inspiration

Bridal boudoir photography has become increasingly popular for brides in recent years, and while the concept of being photographed in not but lingerie can seem daunting (after all, we’re normal women here – not models!), we’ve found that natural sessions that seek to highlight the bride in a simple, delicate way can be absolutely breathtaking works of art. Take today’s styled session as an example: though her robe is sheer, it is not distasteful; though she’s photographed in a bedroom setting, it is not racy or scandalous. If you’re toying with the idea of memorializing this moment for your groom but aren’t sure about it, we absolutely recommend creating a simple, delicate space that will make you feel incredible.

More from the photographer, Shannon Von Eschen:
“On the very first day of the workshop, we were presented with the most stunningly beautiful boudoir session. Kurt Boomer & Joy Proctor styled the simplest but visually intricate scene, and all of us were enthralled with how lovely the tiny space was. A small, delicate vine of ivy trailed up the rock wall behind the bed our model sat on. The sunlight filtered in through the door to our right, and the stone floor warmed with its presence. The gown she wore flowed freely when she moved, and her makeup and hair were flawless. She was uniquely quiet and beautiful, and I kept feeling like I’d walked in on a painting. Kurt and Joy wanted the scene to be delicate and natural, so there was minimal posing. The whole session unfolded effortlessly, and I remember such quietness from us all as we took in our surroundings. We played with light and photographed her first with the sun cradling her back, and then later, with it kissing her face. I walked away inspired and euphorically peaceful with all the pretty my eyes had just beheld. But nothing compared to the joy I felt after getting my scans back. Seeing my memories from this workshop captured on film, those moments so beautifully designed for us as attendees preserved forever, was magic.”

Photographer: Shannon Von Eschen | Workshop: Kurt Boomer Photography | Styling: Joy Proctor Design | Hair & Makeup: Jess Wilcox | Floral: Amy Osaba | Vintage Gowns and Lingerie: Girl With a Serious Dream | Vintage Rentals: Found Rentals | Candles: Creative Candles | Venue: Sunstone Villa | Ring: Trumpet & Horn