Carrie + Charlie | Marchesa Real Wedding From Someplace Wild Photography

We’re totally smitten by this charming Atlanta wedding.  Carrie and Charlie treated their New York guests to a Southern hospitality and a black tie wedding that was formal, but also intimate and warm.  Everything about this event is gorgeous.  Especially Carrie’s romantic Marchesa gown.  If you want classic wedding inspiration, this wedding will definitely fill your Pinterest boards!

Carrie + Charlie | October 9, 2016, Atlanta, Georgia

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The Ceremony
Charlie and I are an interfaith couple but choose to have a traditional Jewish ceremony that felt intimate and inclusive to all our guests.

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The Reception
Our reception was black tie but with a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  Since we’re New Yorkers but had a destination wedding down in Atlanta, we wanted to give our mostly out of town guests a bit of southern charm mixed together with a classic NYC affair.

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Carrie’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on about 15 different dresses but ultimately chose my Marchesa dress because it was the only dress that I kept thinking about.  I found it to be modern but classic in structure and also loved that the hand stitched embroidery was so different from anything else I had seen.  I didn’t want lace but did want some textured detail without being over the top and this dress delivered that 100%.

Mysak-453 Mysak-658

How She Felt In Her Marchesa Gown
Special, Beautiful and Unique!  I was also pretty comfortable all night long which was an added bonus!

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Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I felt that this dress still has so much life to live 🙂  It’s beautiful but the thought of it sitting unworn in the back of a closet seems silly.  I’d much rather give someone else the opportunity to wear it and feel the same way I did when at my own wedding



Wedding Dress: Marchesa | Credits: Photography: Someplace Wild:  | Venue: Summerour Studio | Event Planning: Ashley Baber Weddings | Floral Design: Unique Floral Expressions | Cake:  For Goodness Cakes