Brittany + Austin


I recently spotted this little gem of wedding on Marais USA’s blog. Brittany, the beautiful bride, wore a pair of their espadrille wedges to her wedding and I love the images below where you can see a little peek of that gorgeous tomato red color poking out from underneath her lovely dress. Brittany was also kind enough to share some images and details from their intimate celebration…
My husband and I actually eloped at our favorite park in Houston.  A friend of ours married us.  From the start, we knew we weren’t big wedding people, and as social as we are, we can be a little bit private, so eloping suited us perfectly. The wedding was very small, only about 9 people.  The even better part about our wedding was that there was very minimal planning.  We had to choose a location that was special to us, and what we were going to wear.  A friend of mine brought a bottle of champagne and made a little cake…
The two photographers, Ashley Maclean and Traci Matlock, have been close friends of mine for years.  They don’t normally shoot weddings, but this was going to be the most special day for Austin and I, and I couldn’t think of any two better photographers to shoot it.  The pictures completely captured the happiness of the day, and all I did was ask them to show up and shoot whatever they wanted.  After we married, we hopped in the car, called our parents, and then drove to Louisiana to visit my family.