Brett + Dakota | Pnina Tornai Real Wedding From Emily Harris Photography

Brett + Dakota | Palm Beach Florida | October 8, 2016 + February 4, 2017

Thanks to hurricane Matthew, Brett and Dakota ended up with not one but two weddings!  Four days before their original date, they were forced to cancel due to the storm. But because being married was the most important thing, they wed as planned with only their parents and siblings in attendance.

They saved their personal vows for a second ceremony in February and celebrated with family and friends at a stunning event at the Four Seasons, Palm Beach.

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The Reception
Our reception was truly the best party ever! Every single person in the room joined us with the most incredible energy and did not leave the dance floor the ENTIRE night! We played off our misfortune by using the hashtag #Take2 throughout the weekend.

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Brett’s Wedding Dress Search
I probably tried around 75 dresses. Just my mom and I went to every independent designer’s store across NYC to see what was out there. I never really dreamt of what my wedding dress would look like, so I was initially lost on what to look for! It was the most special experience to share with my mom, though it was becoming tiring by the end! I ultimately realized I was set on having the very heavy, intricate guipure lace fabric after trying so many different types of dresses on. Some of Pnina’s dresses [in this fabric] at Kleinfeld made me know we were definitely heading in the right direction.

Getting to work with Pnina Tornai in the complete design of this dress was an experience beyond my wildest dreams. Pnina was the most kind and patient designer who truly heard my ideas and promised to make them a reality. She could not have done better in any way!

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How she felt in her Pnina Tornai gown
Bridal, confident, and truly perfect in every way. I couldn’t have been happier.


Why she’s selling her wedding dress
This dress is by far one of the most stunning, detail oriented, and perfect wedding dresses I have ever seen! That being said, I had the most incredible experience wearing it but know there is not a time for me to wear it again. I hate the idea of it sitting in a box for decades! I will be keeping my veil and extra fabric to save forever.

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Wedding Dress: Pnina Tornai Custom | Photography:  Emily Harris Photography | Venue: Four Seasons Palm Beach | Floral Design: Dalsimer Atlas