Beautiful Fall Wedding Florals

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One of the more popular trends in wedding florals is to try and use flowers that are in season and local, if possible. It is a great way to get a very organic feel for your wedding. We are excited to share this floral workshop inspired by their LA location. You are able to see three totally different bridal looks, all focused around autumn florals – and to see how the florals work beautifully with each look!

From the Workshop Hosts:
This workshop fell on the date for the autumnal equinox, so we were inspired by California’s unique expression of fall: brittled textures, nuanced warm tones, and glowing fall light. With the vibrant richness the season exudes, we took a regal approach to the workshop design. Elements were chosen that were bold and stately in  character – all mixed with a little LA edge!

Neutrality was not an option, so we encouraged our students to experiment with color, texture, and movement in their designs. We paired their created arrangements and bouquets with vintage tablewares, decadent textiles, and spunky bridal fashion. One motif ended up being a particular hot shade of cadmium red, which flowed throughout the workshop. It was seen from California-grown dahlias, the ink on a vintage tray, an imperial tapestry-esque linen, ‘Hot Cocoa’ garden roses (harvested from Rose Story Farm), and the bride’s classic red lips. Although our floral businesses have their unique personalities and styles, we have found commonalities in our approach to using flowers to bring life and persona to an event’s overall design.

Photography Brumley & Wells | Floral Workshop California Equinox Part II Lambert Floral Studio and Jenn Chez Design | Dresses Rue De Seine, Sophie et Voila, Houghton from LOHO Bride | Hair & Makeup Chiali Meng Artistry | Venue FD Studios | Ribbon Silk & Willow | Rentals Found Rentals and Borrowed Blu | Model Hannah Jun | Workshop Student Savvy Works, Wildflower Floral & Botanicals, Kae Leeg