Authentic Engagement Session in Oregon

We are thrilled to share Lindsay and Jai’s engagement photos with you – a couple who the photographer, Brian Whitt, describes as warm and authentic. These photos capture so much of the couple’s passion and excitement for each other, and for their lives. We can practically hear their laughter echoing off the rock walls! Brian tells us, “They are both new to Oregon and enjoy spending time in nature, so we invited them to Central Oregon’s unique landscape at Smith Rock State Park.  One of the seven wonders of Oregon, the high desert terrain and picturesque basalt rock walls made for a naturally gorgeous backdrop and reflected the couple’s love of exploring new places together.”

Read on for more of the couple’s story:

“Since we met, the outdoors, and the adventures to be had there, has been our favorite place to be together.  Jai and I escaped from LA for a few nights to Pine Mountain in the Los Padres national forest.  We both needed a break from our screens and to connect with each other — we were executing the arrival of a new puppy Indy in the next week, so it was a good time to escape untethered.  It was freezing when we made it to the top on the mountain — but we made a fire, set up our hammock and swung there on a ledge just enjoying being in the trees together and high-fiving on making it happen last minute.  Jai looked at me and said, “Hey babe, you know the one thing that would make this even more perfect?” to which I replied “I know, our PUPPY being here with us??”… He laughed and said, “No, something else …” I turned around to grab his hand, he was down on one knee, looking up at me with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. “Would you make the happiest man ever and marry me?”  I ran to his lap, jaw on the floor.  I just stared at him, not even understanding what was happening.  After a few more moments of “Oh my god” he said, “I’ll take that as a yes?”  Yes, it was a yes.  Forever yes.  Yes to everything with you Jai.  You are the best person I have ever known.  We had never once discussed marriage, weddings or anything like that, so it was the happiest, best surprise ever. Life together will be even more special now.  I am looking forward to so much goodness on our wedding day.  Being in the Oregon Forest with family and friends, the smell of pine trees and rhubarb pies, falling even deeper in love with the man I love who I couldn’t have dreamed existed. 

From the moment we found Brian, we have had an easy, natural time on our planning.  He makes photography human, clean, and memorable.  More than that, Brian is a kind and approachable person who makes the gravity of the day and the photographic record less daunting.  He listens to us and what we would like to feel like and see in our day and offers incredible suggestions on how to achieve that without too much thought and complexity.  His talent speaks for itself; however, what isn’t as obvious from the photos is what it is like to be around Brian when the camera isn’t out.  Jokes, fun conversation about food and everything else that makes life good is the stuff that goes between the space of wedding-photography specifics.  It’s just fun.  The same thing holds true for Lewis and Levy.  Meeting Meaghan and Sam was another HAPPY surprise, thanks to Brian and his ideas and network of talented creatives.  Being photographed in general in an intimate position in general and especially in front of a public place is nerve wracking.  Meaghan and Sam made us up and styled us so that we felt comfortable in our own skin and kept us laughing as we ran around Smith Rock with a bunch of outdoorsy folks.  They were sweet, gorgeous, calming and a joy to be around that day.  I can’t wait to have Sam and Meagan style me at our wedding in August.”

Photography: Brian Whitt Photography | Styling: Samantha Lewis of Lewis & Levy | Hair & Makeup: Meaghan Levy of Lewis & Levy | Dress:  Mara Hoffman | Film Lab: Photovison