Australian Countryside Wedding

Dave and Alarna’s simple, Australian wedding is overflowing with charm, homemade goodness and red straws. The couple’s vision for a relaxed, natural celebration was carried out by family and friends through lots of diy projects and hand made touches. Is it just me or does it seem like every every wedding Australia touches turns to gold?

David and I wanted to keep our wedding minimal, relaxed and natural. We chose to take out a lot of traditional wedding symbols and rather made the day a reflection and celebration of the love we share and the people we are and the people we care for. It was just a big relaxed BBQ with family and friends. Our reception was held in Coronation Hall at Somerset Dam. This hall is over 100 years old and just an amazing building. I knew of the hall because of my upbringing in the local area. My grandparents in fact used to go to the pictures when they were younger! It meant so much to us to be able to use this amazing space, as over the years it has become quite neglected. There is even talk of pulling it down! The space itself was a completely blank canvas that we busily set about beautifying. It wasn’t hard with original timber floors and high set ceilings. We used all of the original tables and old church seats that we found within the hall.

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Photography by Jonas Peterson

Check back soon for lots more photos from this adorable wedding!