At-Home with Newlyweds: Photography Session

We’re excited to be sharing more today from Loom Curated, a series of inspiration workshops for wedding and professional photographers. This scene comes to us from at-home with a newlywed couple, and gives inspiration not only for the types of moments that can be celebrated in life, but also the beautiful way that your wedding photographer can capture intimacy in your photographs.

More from creator Ginny Au:
“It was an amazing experience to watch the photographers respond to this scene because of the the level of intimacy. Constance and Jonathan have an effortless and thoughtful love. This devotion shone through in their delicate and tender touches and at times very playful moments. They also made the intimacy of a couple’s morning actions gentle and sweet, which is a lovely representation of these newlyweds.”

All Images taken at Loom Series Nashville

Photography: MK Sadler | Creative Director: Ginny Au | Art Direction: Kaela Rawson | Location: Bloomsbury Farm | Prop Design: Ginny Branch | Creative Assistant and MUAH: Once Wed