Amy + Evan | Le Spose Di Gio from Lauren Fair Photography

Amy and Evan’s is packed with prettiness.  We love the lush florals, industrial chic vibe and the little details everywhere. Amy’s Spose di Gio gown is simply amazing.  It’s  deep V back and big bow adds a modern fresh detail to the classic cut.  You’ll fall in love with this gorgeous gown and perfectly planned event.

Amy + Evan | May 6, 2017 | Jersey City, New Jersey

AmyEvanWedding_LFP0028 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0075AmyEvanWedding_LFP0015 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0012AmyEvanWedding_LFP0078AmyEvanWedding_LFP0111 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0128 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0190 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0195AmyEvanWedding_LFP0205 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0204AmyEvanWedding_LFP0210 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0251 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0272 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0387 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0396 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0394AmyEvanWedding_LFP0401 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0434 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0485 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0492 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0494 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0500 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0520 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0534 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0560 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0593 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0605 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0617AmyEvanWedding_LFP0378 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0794 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0740 AmyEvan_LFP001-27 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0738 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0743 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0748 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0783 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0768 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0772 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0763AmyEvanWedding_LFP1100 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0776 (1) AmyEvanWedding_LFP0796 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0784AmyEvanWedding_LFP0787AmyEvanWedding_LFP0848 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0863 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0868 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0990 AmyEvanWedding_LFP1041AmyEvanWedding_LFP1143 AmyEvanWedding_LFP1145

Amy’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on around 15 dresses. It’s a big purchase so I wanted to be confident in my decision.  I happened to try this dress on the first time I tried on dresses. There is nothing not to love.

AmyEvanWedding_LFP0218 AmyEvanWedding_LFP0338

How She Felt In Her Le Spose Di Gio Gown
Happy, chic, beautiful


Why She Is Selling Her Wedding Dress
I’m not too sentimental and the wedding dress is so beautiful. I want someone else to wear it!



Wedding Dress: Le Spose di Gio | Photographer: Lauren Fair Photography | Florist: Kelly Harridge Designs | Make up: Prisha Szachacz | Hair: Styles on B, Stacy Pitt | Invitations: Hudson Paperie | Calligrapher: Alane Gianetti | Napkins: Frette | Event Planning: Bride