Amanda + Aaron | Romona Keveza Real Wedding From Ein Photography

This NYC wedding is all about style and sophistication.  The venue was incredible with amazing elements like a grand staircase (perfect for grand entrances!) and overhead skylights.  The decor was sleek and minimal adding to the elegant vibe of the evening.  But what we really love is Amanda’s gown choice.  It’s as if her Romona Keveza dress was created with her classic and beautiful event in mind.

Amanda + Aaron | September 9, 2016 | New York, New York

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The Ceremony
We got engaged on our apartment building rooftop, so when we saw the venue’s rooftop space, we knew it was perfect for our ceremony!  That being said, we also chose the venue because we loved the reception room so much, we knew it would also be great if the weather forced us inside.  Unfortunately that was the case, but the room was so beautiful, our guests had no idea that wasn’t the original plan, and I got to make a grand entrance walking down the staircase to the ceremony!

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The Reception
Our reception was such a blast!  It was just so amazing to have all of our favorite and most important people celebrating together with us that night.  Tribeca Rooftop really nailed the food, recommending interesting and delicious dishes I would not have otherwise picked for our menu.  Also, I can’t say enough compliments about the Dane Wright Band who kept the energy going with such an incredible variety of music, always knowing just what to play!

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Amanda’s Wedding Dress Search
Silhouette was the most important factor in my dress search from the beginning- something to show my shape and look chic and sophisticated but still comfortable and effortless.  I had to feel like I’d seen enough options, so I tried on about 40 dresses.  But I kept thinking about my dress and later returned to make it mine!

ein-W-A&A-0184 ein-W-A&A-0388

How She Felt In Her Romona Keveza
Classy.  Chic.  Comfortable.


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
While dress shopping I searched online for a way to keep costs down but still get an amazing dress.  Ultimately I couldn’t find my chosen dress pre-owned, but now I want to contribute to the bridal sisterhood so another bride can find a deal and enjoy the dress as much as I did!



Wedding Dress: Romona Keveza L374 |Photography: Ein Photography and Design | Venue: Tribeca Rooftop | Floral Design: A Touch of Elegance